Sofia Hayat bashes Salman Khan, reveals she chose not to appear with him on Bigg Boss stage

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New Delhi: Former Bigg Boss contestant and exemplary Sofia Hayat has erstwhile again hogged the limelight. She dropped a station connected Instagram with a agelong enactment dedicated to bashing superstar Salman Khan. She slammed the histrion for assorted reasons - from cliched storylines to casting a young histrion - Sofia pointed fingers astatine everything.

Sofia Hayat besides revealed that she herself chose not to stock the Bigg Boss finale signifier with him owing to her morality.

She wrote: Salman Khan has been utilizing the aforesaid tricks each clip helium releases a movie. He releases connected Eid, utilizing the spiritual festivity arsenic a promotional day, profiting from a spiritual day. He besides releases the aforesaid clichéd communicative lines, aforesaid cheesy looks to camera, aforesaid clichéd miss meets lad story, (always utilizing a younger exemplary each time, isn't it astir clip you formed a miss your ain property to prima other you?), and aforesaid clichéd cheesy lines. What helium has not done is to grow. His audiences person intelligibly grown and are fed up with the aforesaid regurgitated communicative lines that are rather intelligibly encephalon numbing, adjacent watching the trailer of Radhe, I thought, haven't I seen each of this before?

Watching Randeep Hooda was painful. He is simply a bully actor, and his acting has gone to discarded connected specified an implicit the apical and severely written role. Did helium instrumentality the relation due to the fact that helium got to enactment with Salman due to the fact that it gives him credibility? That's the contented with the industry. Roles are taken for prestige. Imagine if Randeep said, "the quality is severely written, and precise cliched". He astir apt would person been outed from Bollywood. I myself chose not to look connected signifier connected BB last adjacent to Salman due to the fact that my morality and information is stronger than my ego.

We person entered the Golden age, and humanity has evolved successful each way.

The radical of India are not stupid, they are intelligent and evolving each day. Maybe Salman should effort this to. Namaste Shalom Salaam Satnam

Mother Sofia Maria Hayat
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Quick reacting to her station was Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK, who has been slapped a defamation announcement by Salman Khan for bad-mouthing his Being Human foundation. KRK called Sofia a brave miss and tweeted successful her favour. 

You are a brave miss @sofiahayat! Keep it up!

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) June 8, 2021

Sofia has connected erstwhile occasions excessively expressed her beardown sentiment against Salman Khan.