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Smugglers run away after air firing in film style: Block -breaking scorpio hit the scorpio pickup

Smugglers run away after air firing in film style: Block -breaking scorpio hit the scorpio pickup

July 22nd 2022, 4:59 am
Amitesh Kumar
Seeing Scorpio going from Somesar towards Desuri at a high speed, the police blocked near the Desuri Nal, but the blockade broke the car of smugglers and hit the pickup and car. A woman was injured in the accident. Seeing the police behind, the smugglers got out of the Scorpio and looted a young man standing nearby and looted his bike and escaped towards Pali while firing air. The blockade was conducted across the district in search of them. SHO Mukesh Kumar of Deasuri police station told that he had gone to Pali for some work. He was coming back towards Desuri on Thursday evening. During this time, a black scorpio near Somesar whose glass was also black. At high speed, he was seen going towards Desuri. On this, after giving information in the police station, the blockade was conducted near Desuri Nal and blocked the way to stop the smugglers' car. But the smugglers broke the blockade and ran towards Desuri Nal at a high speed. During this time, his Scorpio overturned with a pickup and car standing forward. A woman riding a car was hurt in the accident. Before we reached the smugglers, they left the Scorpio and showed a pistol to a young man standing on the road and ran towards the smugglers Pali while firing a bike. In search of which blockade has been conducted across the district. Both the youths had Pistaldsuri SHO that both the smugglers had a pistol and had a bag. With whom he escaped from the bike. Those are being searched. On receiving information about the incident, Bali CO Achal Singh Deora also reached the spot. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.