Six Indians win lucky draw worth over USD 2,72,000 in UAE

3 weeks ago 12

Six Indians successful the UAE person jointly won a fortunate gully worthy 1 cardinal dirham. All the six participants, 5 of them from Kerala, matched 5 retired of six numbers to divided the 1,000,000 dirham (approximately USD 2,72,000) 2nd prize.

“A fewer of my colleagues play truthful I decided to springiness it a effort arsenic well,” said 69-year-old UAE nonmigratory Robert, who was participating successful the gully for the archetypal time.

“I was nether quarantine truthful I recovered retired I won erstwhile my workfellow called. It was a large infinitesimal for me,” helium said.

Originally from Kerala, Robert has spent implicit 40 years successful the UAE.

He is joined and has 2 daughters, 1 successful Abu Dhabi and 1 successful the US.

Asked astir his winnings, Robert said: “My girl is getting joined soon and I volition acquisition her the money. For maine the wealth is good, but for her, it volition beryllium great”.

Another victor Muhamed, 35, who is besides from Kerala, has spent 12 years successful the Middle East moving successful the security industry.

A begetter of three, Muhamed said: “I received an email from Mahzooz and saw that I had won. I was precise blessed and rather surprised. These winnings volition spell a agelong mode for maine arsenic I tin present wage disconnected immoderate debts and put into my children’s future”.

Ibrahim Abdul, 34, an IT nonrecreational who lives successful Umm al Quwain with his family, said: “This triumph volition beryllium life-changing for maine implicit the adjacent fewer months.

“When I saw that I won, I knew that this fantastic prize volition spell a agelong mode towards covering day-to-day expenses for my family”.

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