Siege: People of four villages surround the council worker, kept calling for rescue


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Siege: People of four villages surround the council worker, kept calling for rescue
10:46 PM July 28, 2022

The dirty water of Khanna city is released in Jaragdi, about twenty kilometers away with the help of motors on the disposal. But during the rainy days, the water overflows and enters the houses of the surrounding villages. Despite repeated pleas by people, there was no solution, about four people attached to Jaragdi, Jalajan lost late in the evening. Angry people laid siege to Mulajim Kulwinder Singh posted on the disposal late at night, the man was pressurized to shut down the water drainage motors. As soon as Mulajim saved his life. Mulajim Kulwinder Singh said that he was present at home after duty, when some people came to his house. People started asking them to shut down the motor. When he said that he could not do anything without the permission of senior officers, he wandered. Kulwinder Singh said that he called the EO several times for rescue but he did not pick up the phone. Motors had to shut down for some time to save their lives. Kulwinder Singh expressed his anger and said that if the EO of the city council does not pick up the phone of the employees trapped in Bipta, then what will the employee do. He said that he would meet the union and talk about the behavior of EO, if he had to struggle, he would do it. On the other hand, Councilor Saravdeep Kalirao has condemned the behavior of EO. He said that the government has made such officers who are not listening to the people of their office even far away from the people. It is condemnable not to pick up the phone of Mulajim trapped in Bipta. SDM Manjit Kaur said that he will check the matter. If the EO does not pick up the phone then it is wrong. He will investigate the matter and solve the problem of the people. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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