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Shaurya: The hero of the Kargil war that waved the tricolor on Tiger Hill even after eating 15 bullets on the chest

Shaurya: The hero of the Kargil war that waved the tricolor on Tiger Hill even after eating 15 bullets on the chest

August 4th 2022, 8:51 am
Amitesh Kumar

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Kargil War Hero Yogendra Singh Yadav: On the occasion of completion of 75 years of independence, Zee News has come to a special series 'Shaurya' for its readers. In this, you will read the story of the real heroes of the country, who have worked to increase the value of the tricolor by playing their own life. Today we are going to tell you the story of might, which your chest will be proudly widened after reading.

Story of Kargil's hero

Since the independence of the country, tension on the border between India and Pakistan remains continuously. Who can forget the 1999 Kargil war between Indo-Pak. In this war, the Indian Army had dusted Pakistan. But do you know about Yoginder Singh Yadav, the hero of this war, who did not allow the enemy to capture even an inch of the country even after eating 15 tablets on the chest. It was because of Yogendra Yadav's might that 18 Grenadiers of India were successful in capturing the important point of Tiger Hill. He was honored with Paramveer Chakra at the age of just 19 for increasing his bravery and tricolor value. Today we tell you the valor saga of Subedar Major Major Yogendra Yadav in the 'Shaurya' series.

was the period of 1996 when Yogendra Yadav was admitted to the army at the age of 16, following his father's footsteps. His father Karan Singh was also a soldier who took part in the 1965 and 1972 battle against Pakistan. Since childhood, Yogendra grew up listening to his father's victory and with this passion he joined the army. But a few years after joining the army, Yogendra got a chance to show his courage and in 1999, the Kargil war against Pakistan had started.

Yogendra's contingent got the important responsibility

Pakistan did not talk to its nefarious antics even after losing three wars from India and it made a mistake of attacking India in 1999. In this battle, Yogendra Yadav's 18 Grenadiers Regiment was entrusted with the responsibility of capturing 3 most important points of Tiger Hill. After this, on July 4, 1999, Yogendra Yadav set out on the mission with his Kamado Platoon. On the other hand, the enemy was firing bullets, but India was on the seventh sky and it was not easy for anyone to get it down.

The biggest challenge in front of Yogendra Yadav's platoon was to cross the Tiger Hill's hill because climbing 90 degrees directly was not an easy task. But this was the only way to drive away the enemy and in such a situation, the soldiers left their camp and started climbing the hill at night. But the enemy sitting upstairs in the dark of night has been alerted by the entry of Indian soldiers and indiscriminate firing started from Pakistan's Ore. During this time many soldiers were injured and the contingent had to be pulled back a few steps. But Yogendra Yadav's contingent started moving again on 5 July and then there were only 25 soldiers with him.

15 bullets on the chest

The enemy had also got the idea of ​​another attempt and firing started again on the Indian contingent from Pakistan. During this time many Indian soldiers were injured. But then as part of the strategy, the soldiers decided to retreat so that dust could go to the enemy's eyes. Pakistani soldiers were happy to see that the Indian contingent had collapsed but it was done only to dodge them. 7-8 soldiers, including Yogendra Yadav, still came down to see the enemy on the hill and the enemy came down to see if there is no Indian soldier alive, Indians attacked them.

Now firing was taking place from both sides, due to which some Pakistani soldiers ran away. By the morning, the Indian contingent had reached close to Tiger Hill, but during this time, the fleeing soldiers had told their comrades about this attack. As soon as Yogendra Yadav moved upwards with his troop, Pakistani soldiers surrounded him. In the enemy's firing, many soldiers of his contingent were martyred and Yogendra Yadav was also fired 15 bullets, but he was still alive. Pakistan soldiers felt that they too had died. Meanwhile, Pakistani soldiers were moving towards him that Yogendra threw the grenade kept with him towards the enemies.

successful in chasing the enemy back

Grenade's explosion was so strong that Pakistani soldiers flew away. After this, while showing courage, Yogendra took up his rifle and started firing indiscriminately on the Pakistanis so that the soldiers left to the explosion could also be killed. Yogendra Yadav was already facing deep wounds and he fell into a drain in a state of unconsciousness. He had come down to the bottom while flowing in it. But on the hill above, Pakistani soldiers were erased to names.

After this, he was rescued with the help of Indian soldiers and admitted to the hospital for treatment. Indian soldiers then hoisted the tricolor on Tiger Hill and due to the might of Yogendra Yadav, who showed true valor, it was done. Yadav was honored with Paramveer Chakra for introducing this courage. Yogendra Yadav retired only on January 2022 and was awarded the post of honorary captain.

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