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Sensation on the Internet from the new picture of IAS Tina Dabi, wrote this thing with this person

Sensation on the Internet from the new picture of IAS Tina Dabi, wrote this thing with this person

August 4th 2022, 5:38 am
Amitesh Kumar

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IAS Tina Dabi: IAS Officer Tina Dabi is often dominated by social media and posts something that people attract She does Ever since she has waved the flag in the UPSC examination (UPSC), she has been in the headlines. Whenever Tina Dabi goes to a place where something is unique, she does not forget to update on social media. Please tell that Indian Administrative Service Officer Tina Dabi is the Collector of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan. Tina Dabi is one of the most talked about IAS. Recently, she has shared a picture on her Instagram story, in which she has stood with Mame Khan, who is called Pride of Jaisalmer.

Tina Dabi's picture again went viral on social media

The new picture of Tina Dabi, who is often up-to-date on social media, once again stirred up. The city where she goes to it does not take time to spread her fire. He is a district collector in Jaisalmer and usually there has been a meeting with a big person. This time he met the famous singer Mame Khan. He shared a picture with Mame Khan on his Instagram story. On this picture, he wrote as a caption, 'With the pride of Jaisalmer, Mame Khan G. Tina Dabi also tagged a famous song by Mame Khan. He added his popular song 'Mare Hivda Mein Nache Mor'. This picture is now becoming quite viral on social media.

three pictures of Jaisalmer on Instagram also shared

Tina Dabi shared six pictures on her Instagram on Wednesday, in which she posted pictures of Jaisalmer. Tina Dabi shared a photo and asked a question, 'Who would believe that this is a desert?' Jaisalmer in monsoon! In the last one month, after the record breaking rain, different parts of the district seem so beautiful.

a post shared by tina dabi (@dabi_tina)

This is his first posting as a district officer. Tina is the 2016 batch IAS officer. Tina had told after the result that she had a habit of reading news paper since childhood. He is also fond of reading books. Apart from this, it is also nice to painting, travel and listen to music.

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