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Seeing the design of the clerk's house, the official officer, first bicycle-now 3-3 car rides

Seeing the design of the clerk's house, the official officer, first bicycle-now 3-3 car rides

August 4th 2022, 8:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

Deepak Dwivedi, Bhopal | Edited by: Abhishek Kumar

Aug 04, 2022 | 2:04 pm

Economic Crime Sale (EOW) took major action in the house of Hero Keswani, Senior Clerk Hero Keswani, Medical Education Department, in Madhya Pradesh's capital. In this action, the EOW team recovered about one crore cash. Apart from this, the officials also seized three luxury four wheeler vehicles, a scooty and wife's account in the account of millions of rupees and crores of rupees in his name. Investigation is being done from where Keswani spent so much money? The EOW investigating the entire case.

The big thing is that as soon as the EOW team reached Keswani's house, Keswani immediately drank toilet cleaner, due to which Hero Keswani's blood pressure increased Gaya and he was admitted to Hamidia Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment. Hero Keswani started the job from Rs 4000 and his current salary is 50 thousand rupees.

15 officers who went to the house of Hero Keswani saw the residential house of Hero Keswani and built in his house. When I saw the design on the floor and roof from inside, everyone was shocked. Officials said that they felt that we had entered a king's house. Antique items were found to be kept at his house. Apart from this, all the decoration items were gone on the walls inside his house and the paint with which the roof was granddaughter will also cost in millions. The goods from which the house was architect was all precious and had all the facilities. The price of this house has been estimated to be around 1 crore 50 lakhs.

EOWW raided Hero Keswani. Apart from this, when the accounts of his family were scrutinized, lakhs of rupees were also found in it. At the same time, EOW officials say that as soon as Hero Keswani is healthy, he will be questioned. Currently, treatment of Keswani is going on.

lakhs of rupees have been found in the account of Keswani's family members. At the same time, lakhs of rupees have been found in his wife's account. His wife is a housewife and has two children. One works in a private company and the other has been appointed to the government post. Their accounts will also be investigated. Currently, the EOW team is waiting for Keswani to recover in the whole matter.

EOW officials were surprised to see the architects of the wall of Keswani's house. At the same time, he did not hide anything behind him, tried to investigate it too. Apart from this, he also investigated the junk kept in the house. The EOW team has received money from every corner and also got gold and silver jewelery, their price is also in millions. It is appointed, on the raid proceedings at his house, Minister Sarang made a statement that he has been suspended and departmental inquiry has been started. At the same time, he said on the issues of the opposition that he did not even take action on his time. This is a BJP government. No one will be spared here and corruption will be on zero tolerance. At the same time, the Congress is engaged in surrounding the BJP by calling it corruption.