SEC says it's monitoring the ongoing volatility in certain stocks, vows to protect retail investors

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The AMC Empire 25 disconnected Times Square is unfastened arsenic New York City's cinemas reopen for the archetypal clip successful a twelvemonth pursuing the coronavirus shutdown, connected March 5, 2021.

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said Monday it's keeping a adjacent oculus connected the chaotic trading successful meme stocks precocious to guarantee marketplace stability.

"SEC unit continues to show the marketplace successful airy of the ongoing volatility successful definite stocks to find if determination person been immoderate disruptions of the market, manipulative trading, oregon different misconduct," an SEC spokesperson told CNBC. "In addition, we volition enactment to support retail investors if violations of national securities laws are found."

The remark came arsenic retail trading exploded successful a fistful of speculative names, notably AMC Entertainment, BlackBerry, Bed Bath & Beyond and to a lesser extent, GameStop. Retail investors kept piling into these names arsenic they encouraged each different connected societal media platforms similar Twitter and Reddit's WallStreetBets forum.

During AMC's 83% beforehand past week, the banal was repeatedly the astir progressive sanction connected the Nasdaq. AMC has skyrocketed much than 100% this period unsocial successful dense trading aft a 160% beforehand successful May, pushing its 2021 rally to implicit 2,500%.

TD Ameritrade has taken enactment to summation borderline requirements connected AMC and GameStop to 100%, meaning investors are required to acquisition each the securities with cash.

In January amid the historical abbreviated compression successful GameStop, the SEC vowed to support idiosyncratic traders and to scrutinize actions taken by brokerages that whitethorn "disadvantage investors oregon different unduly inhibit their quality to commercialized definite securities."

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