Santhali women used to wear earthen jewel


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Santhali women used to wear earthen jewel
2:11 AM July 23, 2022

Draupadi Murmu is going to become the 15th President of the country. Murmu will become the second woman and first tribal President of the country by defeating Yashwant Sinha, a candidate of opposition parties. She will be the first tribal woman in the country to become President. Draupadi Murmu comes from Santhal, the ancient tribe of Northeast India. The Santhal society is originally in Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura. As a population, it is the largest tribe of Jharkhand. Let us tell you what changes can happen in the methods of Rashtrapati Bhavan after Draupadi Murmu became President. Woman Bhaskar has talked to Sneha Murmu about this and has known about his living, way, and food and food. In the folk tales of Santhals, it is claimed that he came from Hihiri, which he came from Hihiri, It was later recognized as Ahuri in Hazaribagh district. At one time it used to be a dense forest. From Ahuri to Chota Nagpur, then Jhalda, Patkum and Sount, people who speak Santhali language. What is the dressing style of Santhali. Sneha Murmu says that Sneha Murmu says that Santhali mostly handloom (Naturally made clothes) Wear clothes made from Boys wear Kancha (dhoti). At the same time, girls wear saris made of material like cotton, which are called Jhal or Futa Sari. Although there is a difference in their dress after some people settled in cities, but even today, in any wedding or festival, they give importance to their traditional clothes. She used to make jewelery from the soil, which she herself made. However, women gradually started wearing silver jewelery (Rupa). Churi, earrings in Santhali language have different names. To decorate the house, do some designs on the walls of most of the houses of the petting etc. Some designs are made once a year or on the walls of the house in Makar Sankranti or Diwali. It is difficult to meet the patterns of this design in the Internet or Kitabs. These Santhali women have their own creativity or they learn in their homes since childhood. Are associated with nature, life is dependent on trees and plants, originally dependent on farming for their living. Sneha says that even today there are villages in Jharkhand whose clothes are purchased from the market. They depend on nature for all other things. Even today, many people also buy clothes instead of grains. What are the main festivals and the main festivals do not worship Santhali idol, they worship nature and their ancestors. Only a man in the house worships and he teaches the way of worship to his sons. Apart from this, whatever is won outside, five big people of the community, who are called Modhod in Santhali language, do it. Worship is done in Baha, he is one of them, on this day people of Santhal tribal community worship arrow bow. They fiercely dance on the beat of drums and pour water on each other. Apart from this, the process of Baha festival in Santhal starts before Holi. In different villages, a special event of nature worship is held on Baha on different dates, Baha means the festival of flowers. On this day, people of Santhal tribal community worship arrow bow. They shout fiercely on the beat of drums and put water on the relationship in which the jokes go on. Dura means that Mangasneha fills in the basket. Tax demand is filled. Apart from this, marriage is not worn here. We wear an iron bangle in the left hand of the bride and groom, which is called 'Medhe Sankom' in Santhali language. After marriage in Santhal, the girl will not run vermilion or mangalsutra, but wearing this iron bangle is considered important, because this bangle is a sign of honey. When the virgin girl adds color, the panchayat of the society gets her married. If the proposal of marriage to the girl is not accepted, then the society can sentence all the property of the young man to name the girl in the crime of coloring. After worship, he distributes Sukha, Mahua and year flowers. With this puja, the process of marriage starts in Santhal society. There is no dowry trend in Santhal society. If a guest comes to the house, then Kasha was filled with water in the lotus and people follow it even after staying in the city. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd. of ethics.

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