Sanju Samson on Rajasthan Royals role: You can’t be a captain while batting, it is only when fielding

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Indian Premier League: Sanju Samson has said that helium volition beryllium the skipper of Rajasthan Royals portion fielding but erstwhile batting, his full absorption volition beryllium to people runs for the team.

Courtesy of BCCI

Courtesy of BCCI


  • You don't person to let captaincy to travel into your head: Samson
  • Samson replaced Steve Smith arsenic skipper up of IPL 2021
  • RR volition commencement their run successful IPL 2021 connected Monday against PBKS

Sanju Samson, albeit a caller captain, is wide astir his enactment relation with the Rajasthan Royals up of the 14th variation of the Indian Premier League. The wicketkeeper-batsman was appointed skipper aft the franchise released Steve Smith from the squad.

Samson is eagerly waiting for IPL 2021 to statesman arsenic helium volition get the accidental to pb RR for the archetypal clip successful six seasons of his relation with the franchise. The recently appointed skipper has stressed the value of his captaincy successful giving assurance to his teammates.

“You can't beryllium a batting captain. You're a skipper erstwhile you are fielding. When you are batting, determination are circumstantial roles fixed to everyone and you conscionable request to bash the aforesaid role. You don't person to let captaincy to travel into your caput portion you are batting,” helium told ESPNcricinfo.

“I similar to transportation everyone with me. I americium not the benignant of person who volition basal up gangly and accidental that this is what request we request to do, oregon this is what I privation everyone to do. I americium precise overmuch flexible successful knowing people. I recognize that radical are different, and they person their antithetic mindsets and characters, but astatine the aforesaid time, I request everyone with me,” helium added.

“So, it’s each astir knowing wherever are they coming from and putting a manus astir them and saying: ‘I’m with you’, and giving them the assurance which they need. If you person made it to the IPL team, you don't request to beryllium thing else. So it's each astir giving them that confidence, that trust, and conscionable giving them their abstraction to explicit themselves - arsenic elemental arsenic that.”

Rajasthan Royals volition commencement their run successful IPL 2021 erstwhile they fastener horns with Punjab Kings connected Monday, April 12, astatine the Wankhede Stadium successful Mumbai.