Sandpaper Gate: Would be an interesting if David Warner writes book after retiring, says Stuart Broad

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Stuart Broad has expressed his sentiment connected the ball-tampering debacle involving the Australia team, saying determination could beryllium much accusation revealed David Warner retires.

 Stuart Broad. (Reuters Photo)

I person seen a mates of comments from David Warner's agent: Stuart Broad. (Reuters Photo)


  • Broad believes much could beryllium revealed connected Newlands matter erstwhile Warner retires
  • Cameron Bancroft's caller remark has reignited the ball-tampering scandal
  • Steve Smith, David Warner, Cameron Bancroft were banned for shot tampering

England pacer Stuart Broad opened up connected the Sandpaper Gate episode, saying that it would beryllium absorbing to spot if David Warner decides to constitute a publication connected his vocation and includes the ball-tampering occurrence successful it erstwhile helium stops playing cricket.

Notably, the infamous 2018 ball-tampering ungraded successful Cape Town is backmost successful quality aft a connection from Bancroft, 1 of the 3 players recovered to beryllium blameworthy successful the investigation, said that the engagement of bowlers was "self-explanatory".

Broad believes that a bowler is precise delicate to the information of the shot and everyone successful the squad is required to look aft it.

"I've evidently ne'er bowled wrong the Australian bowling onslaught but I tin speech astir how, successful an England Test team, if I miss the seam by 4 millimeters, Jimmy Anderson is connected me," Broad said. "He'll beryllium saying 'why has this shot got a people connected it here? It's due to the fact that you've missed the seam! Start hitting the seam, volition you'.

"Reverse plaything with the reddish shot tin beryllium affected by truthful galore antithetic things. If you pursuit it to the bound and propulsion it into the writer it tin creaseless the shot implicit and halt it from reversing. If you interaction the shot with bedewed hands it volition halt it from reversing. If you radiance it successful a mode that smooths implicit the unsmooth broadside it volition halt it from reversing.

"So arsenic an England team, we are alert if we're trying to get the shot reversing each subordinate has to bargain into that oregon it volition halt it.

"There's nary uncertainty the Aussies would person been hoping this occurrence was signed sealed and delivered. It was an incredibly pugnacious happening for those 3 players to spell through. I can't spot it inactive being a speech [when the Ashes start] successful November, December, but I tin spot it being sung successful the Barmy Army stands if they're allowed.

"I person seen a mates of comments from David Warner's agent, too, and I deliberation it volition beryllium an absorbing clip erstwhile helium stops playing for Australia and writes a book."

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