Salman Butt weighs in on Ravichandran Ashwin vs Nathan Lyon debate: Ashwin has the edge for me

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Former Pakistan skipper Salman Butt is the latest to enactment his value down Ravichandran Ashwin successful examination with Nathan Lyon, standing the Indian off-spinner higher than the Australian tweaker.

Butt agreed with erstwhile Australia skipper Ian Chappell, who feels Ashwin is amended than Lyon, and gave immoderate of his ain points of presumption successful the matter.

Lyon is 1 abbreviated of 400 wickets from 100 Tests portion Ashwin already has 409 scalps from conscionable 78 Tests and is besides the highest wicket-taker successful planetary cricket (all 3 formats combined) since his debut successful 2010.

“I hold with him. If you comparison the two, some person a large enactment and length. But erstwhile it comes to variations, Ravichandran Ashwin is better. If you person to prime 1 and look astatine their utilities I volition prime Ashwin. He bats, plays successful each 3 formats and ever does well.

"Even his enactment is simply a small hard to pick, portion Nathan Lyon’s enactment is basic. I wouldn’t accidental determination is simply a immense quality betwixt the two, but Ashwin has the borderline for me,” Butt said connected his YouTube channel.

“Ashwin uses angles and the crease well, and uses his fingers similar Ajantha Mendis. He has been a apical performer successful each 3 formats of the game. Ravichandran Ashwin has done good successful the IPL too, and determination is simply a stark quality betwixt Nathan Lyon and Ravichandran Ashwin.

"I person to hold with Chappell. Nathan Lyon is simply a fantastic bowler arsenic well. But if you comparison the two, if I was the captain, I would prime Ashwin. He bats arsenic well,” Butt added.


Ashwin has been successful the quality precocious acknowledgment to erstwhile India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar, who precocious said that helium wouldn't complaint the Tamil Nadu cricketer arsenic 1 of the all-time greats of the crippled owed to his deficiency of occurrence successful SENA countries.

"When radical commencement talking astir him arsenic being 1 of the all-time greats of the crippled past I person a fewer problems. One basal occupation I person with Ashwin is that erstwhile you look astatine SENA countries, Ashwin doesn't person a azygous five-wicket haul there," Manjrekar said.

But Chappell disagreed with Manjrekar, and adjacent picked Ashwin successful his database of the top-five existent bowlers successful Test cricket.

"I deliberation Ashwin is simply a amended bowler than Nathan Lyon. Have a look astatine Nathan Lyon's onslaught rate, you are successful the 70s and I americium going backmost to 2018.

"Nathan Lyon, to me, I deliberation runs get scored done the onside erstwhile helium is bowling to the right-handers and that truly conscionable shouldn't happen. Yes, helium is simply a good bowler but I deliberation Ashwin is simply a amended bowler," Chappell said portion replying to Manjrekar.