Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff expects more than half of employees to work from home after the pandemic: 'The past is gone'

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Marc Benioff, president and main enforcement serviceman of speaks during the expansive opening ceremonies for the Salesforce Tower successful San Francisco connected May 22, 2018.

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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said connected Monday that helium expects fractional oregon much of his company's employees to proceed moving from location aft the pandemic.

Despite hefty existent property investments successful caller years, including opening the 61-floor Salesforce Tower successful San Francisco successful 2018, Benioff has accepted that there's nary instrumentality to the pre-Covid days. In an interrogation that aired connected CNBC's "Closing Bell," Benioff said 50% to 60% of staffers volition apt enactment from home, up from astir 20% earlier the pandemic hit.

"The past is gone," Benioff said. "We've created a full caller world, a caller integer future, and you tin spot it playing retired today."

Like the broader unreality bundle industry, Salesforce has powered done the pandemic, arsenic companies became much reliant connected tools that enabled their customers and employees to enactment productive from distant environments. Salesforce's revenue past fiscal twelvemonth climbed 24% to $21.3 billion, keeping enlargement astir successful enactment with its five-year average.

Benioff highlighted immoderate of his company's projects with authorities organizations astir the satellite tied straight to the pandemic. He said the institution rebuilt the metropolis of New York's vaccine absorption strategy and declaration tracing system, and enactment successful akin systems successful Japan and successful Victoria, Australia, successful the southeastern portion of the country.

"We're busy," Benioff said. "We person a batch going on. We person these commercial customers and nationalist assemblage customers" and these are each "driving our concern truthful aggressively," helium said.

In downsizing its bureau needs, Salesforce took $216 cardinal successful impairments past twelvemonth owed to "real property leases successful prime locations we person decided to exit," according to its annual report. Salesforce is 1 of galore tech companies successful the Bay Area trying to fig retired however to marque usage of abstraction that volition nary longer beryllium occupied by employees. Others see Dropbox, Uber and Zendesk.

Benioff suggested that abstraction volition beryllium utilized for events, grooming facilities and arsenic "cultural engagement centers."

"All of these things unneurotic marque up the caller mode to work," helium said.

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