Sales of Elizabeth Holmes swag are soaring online

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When it comes to fame and infamy, erstwhile Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has seemingly cornered the market.

Internet sellers are cashing successful connected mugs, T-shirts and adjacent ablution curtains successful the weeks earlier her transgression fraud proceedings starts successful August.

A reappraisal of online stores shows much than 50 listings of Holmes and Theranos merchandise connected Etsy, Poshmark, eBay and Redbubble.

One of the much unsocial items is what's billed arsenic an authentic Theranos laboratory overgarment listed for $17,000.

Holmes, erstwhile a Silicon Valley darling, is facing national ligament fraud and conspiracy to perpetrate ligament fraud charges successful transportation with allegedly deceiving investors, patients and doctors astir her company's humor investigating technology.

Yet customers are raving astir their merchandise purchases connected societal media.

In 1 TikTok, a young pistillate is seen posing successful a reflector wearing a pinkish T-shirt that reads "Elizabeth Holmes is my #GirlBoss."

Another TikToker shows disconnected a mug featuring Holmes connected 1 broadside and Theranos connected the other. She says "I genuinely bash privation that Elizabeth Holmes had an MLM truthful that I could articulation it." An MLM is simply a arguable multilevel selling cognition that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission cautions whitethorn beryllium a pyramid scheme.

And different pulls a T-shirt retired of a package, proclaiming: "Y'all it's here. The queen of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes."

A hunt of Instagram and Twitter besides shows customers posing with their merchandise.

Holmes, who is large and owed adjacent month, is facing up to 20 years successful situation if convicted. She has pleaded not blameworthy to the charges. Before the downfall of Theranos, her representation was seemingly everywhere, adjacent landing her connected the screen of Forbes.

Today, contempt a battered representation and an upcoming 13-week-long trial, her marque is inactive seemingly popular.

"It doesn't astonishment me, Elizabeth Holmes was a precise inspiring person," says Mark Macias, laminitis of Macias PR. "She was the youngest pistillate billionaire, self-made entrepreneur and adjacent though we recovered retired it was allegedly fraud -- she sold thing that was revolutionary."

Anthony, proprietor of the Etsy store "Finance Memes" says income for his Holmes-related merchandise person spiked since February. Anthony asked CNBC not to usage his past sanction for fearfulness of jeopardizing his employment.

"You spot it with Wall Street Bets – radical emotion to speech astir however overmuch they've lost," said Anthony. "There's an obsession with fraud, gambling and taking atrocious risks. Everyone loves a bully villain."

A mug that says "Theranos Early Investor" is his Etsy shop's astir fashionable item, Anthony says. "It's a small much debased key, you tin stash it successful your drawer erstwhile your brag walks by." Anthony says he's had implicit 200 visits connected the mug successful the past fewer months.

"There's ever going to beryllium radical connected the fringe, who privation to explicit themselves, instrumentality connected the constitution and amusement the digit astatine them," Macias said. Yet, helium warns, "if you privation to person a long-lasting marque past it's amended to beryllium famous. Infamy is short, it tin ruin and destruct a brand."

For Holmes, immoderate representation she projects, it's everlasting.  

As James Surowiecki, an MSNBC columnist, wrote successful a caller piece, "on the mode up and connected the mode down, 1 happening astir Elizabeth Holmes has stayed consistent: People are fascinated by her."

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