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Saheb wife did not work, so killed: Wife and Salhaj's killer arrested by police

Saheb wife did not work, so killed: Wife and Salhaj's killer arrested by police

July 22nd 2022, 1:52 pm
Amitesh Kumar
The police arrested the wife and the accused who killed Salahj. He told the police that his wife was in a hurry. She did not work with the wife, so she murdered her. Salhaj had seen the murder, so he was also killed. He was sanded with a tawku, Tawab Khan Tank Mohalla town of Avagari, a resident of Awagari, in -laws of Ashu Valmiki, in the village Nawani of Aki Firozabad, the in -laws police station of Ashu Valmiki. On Wednesday, his wife 23 -year -old Shivani came to deliver his pregnant sister -in -law, 30 -year -old Sunita wife Sonu. After having a child, she was overseeing her sister -in -law. Ashu reached the in -laws' house at night to take his wife. There was a quarrel between the two at night and he was killed by cutting his neck with a knife, wife Shivani and Salhaj Sunita. Police arrested Sanjeev Kumar Dubey that Hari Singh, father of the deceased in the murder case, said that Hari Singh's father Hari Singh in the murder case A case was filed against son -in -law Anshu. The police arrested the killer with his motorcycle. Police has also recovered Alakatla from him. Inspector said that during interrogation, the accused said that nothing was going well between him and his wife. Since marriage, she did not do a wife -like work with her, so she had no children. When he murdered his wife, his sister -in -law Sunita (the accused's Salhaj) saw her, so she also killed her. The catching team consisted of sub-inspectors Virendra Dhama, Rajiv Chitransh, Istikar Ahmed, Brajmohan etc. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.