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Ruckus in two cities on Moharram: Uproar over playing DJ in Bareilly, stones on cutting trees in Varanasi; 9 injured

Ruckus in two cities on Moharram: Uproar over playing DJ in Bareilly, stones on cutting trees in Varanasi; 9 injured

Bareilly and Varanasi uproar occurred during the procession of Moharram. In Bareilly, there was a ruckus after telling the new tradition to play the DJ in the procession. In Varanasi, two sides clashed with each other to cut the branches of the tree during the Tajiya extract. For about 30 minutes, bricks and sticks went.

nine people were injured in the incident. The crowd damaged Tajiya. There was an atmosphere of chaos in the entire village. Shops have been closed in Kardhana. There are situations like curfew in the area.

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The incident is Kardhana in Mirzamurad police station area of ​​Varanasi. People reached Kardhana market via Pampapur with Tajiya from Jansa village. There was a berries tree on the way. Whose branches were started cutting by the Tajiyadars. When the local people stopped, the people of the Muslim side started fighting. On seeing both sides started pelting stones. Fierce bricks and sticks and sticks went. Eyewitnesses said that swords were also taken out.

Police force deployed on the spot was received as soon as SP Rural Surya Kant Tripathi, SDM Rajatalab Girish Dwivedi, Additional SP, Neeraj Pandey, CO Badgaon Dr. Atul Anjanan , A large number of police forces, including Tehsildar Rajatalab Shyam Kumar and Jansa, Mirzamurad and the police station of Kapasethi, reached the spot and controlled the situation.

'The situation is now under control' SP Rural Surya Kant Tripathi said , "There was a stone pelting between two sides to cut the berries trees. Put the berries very thin. The Hindu side said that I will cut, then the Muslim side itself came forward to cut it. People involved in Tajiya have been sent home. The culprits will be identified soon after investigation. "

9 people during the stone pelting during the injured Pathrao (19), Rajan Jaiswal (25), Rahul Jaiswal (22), Khadheru Jaiswal (55 ), Bablu Jaiswal (56), Satya Prakash Jaiswal (29), Monu Jaiswal (30), Jamuna Jaiswal (65) and Jwala Jaiswal (60) suffered serious injuries. In view of the force in Bhojipura, Force posted, there was a ruckus after stating the new tradition to play DJ while taking out the procession. People ran away throwing the drums in the streets. No one was reported injured during stone pelting. At the same time, both sides have accused each other of stone pelting.

On the information of the ruckus and stone pelting, the police has deployed the force in view of the tension in the village. After this, the police removed the DJ and pacified it.

'After telling the new tradition to DJ, the controversy was taking out a procession of Moharram in Majhoua Gangapur village of Bhojipura police station area on Tuesday afternoon. The procession was also employed in the procession. People from other communities started protesting against the DJ.

alleged that DJs have never been played here in Moharram procession. Started protesting by stating the new tradition. As soon as the uproar was reported, CO Ajay Kumar Gautam reached the spot with the force of two police stations.

In the presence of the police, the procession came out in the presence of the police and pacified the two sides of the ruckus. Both sides have accused people from each other community of stone pelting. At present, police force has been deployed in view of tension in the village. The police have given clear instructions that no new tradition of any kind will be laid. Police have started searching for miscreants.


August 9th 2022, 1:17 pm
Amitesh Kumar
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