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RPF's "Operation Ahat": Trains became human trafficking base, more boys are missing than girls!

RPF's "Operation Ahat": Trains became human trafficking base, more boys are missing than girls!

August 4th 2022, 6:31 am
Amitesh Kumar

Human trafficking in trains has been surprised about Human Traffickers. RPF has arrested many human smugglers by running "Operation Ahat", while many people have also rescued human smugglers from the clutches.

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Akash Dwivedi/Bhopal. RPF against human trafficking human traffickers is now running "Operation Ahat" Operation Aahat, RPF campaigned across the country against human trafficking in July. Because there has been a big revelation against human trafficking in trains. It has been reported that more boys have been kidnapped in human trafficking in trains. However, during this time RPF has also arrested many human smugglers.

RPF's "Operation Ahat" RPF ran "Operation Ahat" in July regarding human trafficking. During this period, about 180 minors were rescued from human smugglers. These included 151 boys, 32 girls, besides 3 women. During this, RPF also caught 47 human smugglers. Through the campaign, a platform was provided to all security agencies to mobilize against human trafficking by train. In this way, the entire campaign went on in the month of July.

boys are the most kidnapped It is generally a belief that girls are kidnapped more, but the "Operation Ahat" of RPF has revealed a surprising thing because there is more human trafficking of boys than girls. Let us know that the most boys are being used in organ transplantation and drug trafficking from domestic forced labor. According to railway data, 5 times more boys were abducted in trains than girls.

2178 people rescued Let us know that the figures of the last five years are surprising. Because in the last five years, during 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, RPF rescued 2178 people from the clutches of smugglers. Whereas more than 65000 thousand children and all women and men were saved and later they were given protection. About 36 boys disappeared from Bhopal alone last year. In such a situation, this figure may increase in the entire MP.

what is done Explain that after human trafficking, these people have sexual abuse, prostitution, forcible wages, forcible marriage, domestic forced labor, adoption, begging, transplating organs, to send drugs to another, women and children to send drugs from one place to another. Human trafficking committed organized crimes to use. While many people have not been able to know till date. Recently, a campaign called "Anti Human Trafficking) was launched against human trafficking.

RPF will coordinate with police, AHTU, district and state levels, intelligence units, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders and will take effective action against human trafficking through trains. All these figures have been released by the West Central Railway Bhopal division.

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