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Road named outside PM Narendra Modi Park: Park road named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Meerut

Road named outside PM Narendra Modi Park: Park road named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Meerut

August 4th 2022, 8:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

Transport of Meerut is not a road outside the park named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor the way to pass. Passengers have to cross deep pits and water to another. Repeated local residents have complained to the regional councilors and public representatives but no one is ready to listen. This is the only way. But due to bad road, people are unable to go to the park. The road leading to the park has deep pits. The pits are full of water at all times. Due to this, the whole way is covered with mud and dirt. People have to pass through here under compulsion but there is a danger of falling in the mud. The path made in 2021 did not last a year

The story of the story of the stone work that has been disturbed in the road work outside the park It tells In January 2021, this road was built and stoned here. The road leading to Rajiv Goyal's house from Ankit's house near Modipark in Ward 35 Gupta Colony was confirmed. At the same time, drain and interlocking tiles were done on the way to Ankur's house from the house of former councilor Pramod Garg near Gupta Colony Modipark. This road of about 162 meters was worked under the 14th Finance Commission. The work was done by the Sehrawat Contractor and Suppliers on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. But the road broke down from six months later.

Minister of State Somendra Tomar in the assembly

This area falls in the South Assembly constituency of Meerut. At present, Dr. Somendra Tomar, Minister of State for Energy Department in the UP Government is a local MLA. When work was done in 2021, Somendra Tomar was an MLA here. The name of Soomndra Tomar is also written on the stone giving information about the construction work. But this is the condition of the road leading to the park known as PM Modi in the field of Minister of State. Mayor Sunita Verma, the then Nagarayukta Manish Bansal, along with Councilor Poonam Gupta and Engineer Yashwant Kumar have also been written under the supervision of the road.