Ritika Kheda's column: Emphasis on cleanliness in hospitals of hospitals is necessary


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Ritika Kheda's column: Emphasis on cleanliness in hospitals of hospitals is necessary
12:33 AM August 5, 2022

A few days ago there was a big news that Punjab Health Minister Faridkot went to inspect a hospital in Faridkot and seeing the dirty mattress, he called Dr. Raj Bahadur, Vice Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Health-Science and asked him to lie on the mattress. . The doctor, hurt by the minister's behavior, resigned. The incident was very highly exposed by the media. But political dignity is an important issue. Should anyone be dealing with someone in a bad way? Can the same thing not be said in a civilized manner?

as well, why there is a lack of cleanliness in the hospital, whose responsibility is there, if there are beds in the hospital, then what is the arrangement of cleaning of their sheets etc. There was no much discussion on these issues. The minister probably did not ask how many sanitation workers should be in the hospital, how many were on duty. Why is the appointment and attendance less then why? Why is the mattress torn? Is there corruption behind it? Or there is no budget?

Such issues related to hospital system also arose in the recently concluded Public Health Facility Survey, 2022. In 2013, we surveyed about 150 health facilities of four states. Bihar, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan were included in that survey. After 10 years, he again reviewed him. Apart from this, a new state (Chhattisgarh) was also included because it was heard that the state governments there have done a good job on health.

The main objective of the survey was to check the activation of services in government health facilities. . Health facilities also include the issue of cleanliness, although it is not the main focal point. Many issues related to cleanliness in the survey are discussed. Government health facilities have not been appointed to several positions, including sweepers. Although doctors, nurses, lub technicians still have permanent positions, the post of cleaning worker is now mostly (or full) contract only. / Due to lack of budget, the nurses either clean themselves or get someone by paying 200-400 rupees. Some health centers were also found where there is no water supply. The health workers there said, how can health facilities run without water? Another issue related to cleanliness is Bio-Medical Waste. It is necessary to deal with the bio-medical waste produced in the hospital properly because it does not do so can cause the disease to spread.

it either has to be burnt or needs to be disinfected. Separating waste at source is an important principle of bio-medical waste management. Almost all hospitals have colored dustbins in which garbage has to be dumped according to the type of garbage (such as pointed substances, infectious substances, etc.). They were also being used to a large extent. But what happens to them after getting out of the hospital?

It was found that in some hospitals of the survey, its arrangement was going on with public private partnership. There has been a trend in the budget of health facilities, the allocation for buildings and equipment increases, then the expenditure on health insurance is increasing, but the basic services such as cleaning are less attention. Cleanliness in the hospital is a serious issue. Where open wounds, surgery, sickness are treated, there is a need to be the most clean. Even in the dispute related to the cleanliness of Faridkot Hospital, this issue has been exposed by few people.

(These are the writer's own views)

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