Right age to become Daddy: Ranbir Kapoor will soon be 40, debate with his decision to become father within two months of marriage


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Right age to become Daddy: Ranbir Kapoor will soon be 40, debate with his decision to become father within two months of marriage
12:10 AM July 23, 2022

Alia narrated the good news of pregnancy only after two-and-a-half months after Ranbir-Alia's wedding. While the fans expressed surprise at the good news, there was also a show of various questions. Ranbir said in an interview that he wanted to start the family early due to increasing age. Ranbir would turn 40 on September 28 and Alia is 10 years younger than him. Ranbir said in an interview that when the age starts touching 40, then I have to think that when I am 60, what will be the age of my child? Will I be able to play football with the same energy with him? I will be able to go on trekking with him? After this news of Ranbir-Alia, the discussion has started, is the right age to become a father? Often girls are instructed to marry and do children at the right age due to their age and hormones. We tried to know from men across the country, have they ever felt such pressure. Also tried to know the medical aspect of this subject from the Ginnacologist. Listen to these men before growing. Hui. Baby planned soon after marriage, but the child came to the house after five years of consulting the doctor. Now I have one year old son. The age I got married was a very difficult time for me both professionally and personally. Many times, focus has to be paid to increasing the family more than a career. At the same time, it also worries that so much money will have to be deposited for the future, so that there is no reduction in the child's upbringing and studies. Ferge, if we are on retirement age and our child is 20 years old, in such a situation, he will continue to bear the cost of treating the father's diseases, how will the father give him time? In such a situation, it is necessary for men to do a family plan at the right age. Kahni - 2 32 -year investment banker in Gurugram, Ahmar Moin says that it is true that health issues also increase with increasing age, but this does not mean That anyone should be married due to society and health issue. More than the pressure of the society, more person has to be prepared mentally for marriage. He has to question himself whether his financial position is enough to take responsibility for a child. Is Mentally and Emotionally ready to play the role of father? I will first wait for the right partner and then plan a family. Kahni - 3 Sourav, who lives in Noida, is still 33 years old. They say that they got married in this lockdown. 'My neighbors are worried about when I will start a family. In our society, more wives than husband suffer such pressure. But it is right to plan baby before 40. Why is it necessary to become a father at the right age? Dr. Vijay Honglu, General and Laparoscopic surgeon at Batra Hospital in Delhi, says that a man can become a father even at the age of 60, but 32 from 32 With the age of 35, the testorone hormones begin to decrease and the quality of the sperm is weak, which worsens the Libedo. The body starts to become weak. The performance of men falls. At the same time, the danger of diseases that run from generation to generation stands for further generation. In India, cases of rapid infertility are increasing. According to WHO, India currently has a prevalence of 23 percent infertility. Gynecologist Dr. Shaily Batra in Delhi says that after the age of 35, there is an increase in problems like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure. Many times these problems also reach children. Therefore, the boy should marry at the right age and make a family plan on time. Psychiatrist Dr. Satyakant Trivedi at Bansal Hospital in Bhopal says that I have many cases in which old boys bring this complaint. Now no girl wants to marry them because they have become uncle for them now. So there is a separate pressure on the elders in the family. Indian society goes on the thinking of settling in life, but when the age is to become a grandfather after getting married late, the boys are becoming a father, in such a situation, the structure of the family is also shaken. Counselor Dr. KR Dhar says that the age between 30 to 35 is considered correct for marriage and baby plan. Many issues of relationship are set at this age. There is a stagnation in the relationship. The relationship with responsibility strengthens. Understanding provides support. But until the person feels that he is ready to take the responsibility of financially, physically and mentally married and the child, only then move forward. The more the body's energy is delayed in planning baby. At what age is the marriage and baby plan to plan, this is your personal decision. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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