Result of Kendriya Vidyalaya Chakradharpur 100 %: CBSE 12th Science in Shailaja and Prince Arindam in Commerce become toppers


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At 10:51 PM July 22, 2022

The CBSE 12th Board result was released on Friday. In which the examination result of Kendriya Vidyalaya Chakradharpur was 100 percent. Shailaja Sanvi has become a school topper by scoring 96.50 per cent marks in Science and Prince Arindam in Commerce. 39 students attended the Faculty of Science and 35 students in the Faculty of Commerce. All the students passed with better marks. Similarly, Shailaja Sanvi became the topper of the school by scoring 96.50 percent marks in the Faculty of Science. While Akash Pradhan became the second topper of the school by scoring 92.67 percent marks. Panutula Manish became the third topper by scoring 92.33 percent marks. Similarly, Sonika Jena IV by bringing 90.50 percent marks, Reshika Besra Fifth, 84.67 percent marks, Sai Prasad Das sixth, 84.17 percent marks by bringing 84.17 percent marks and Atul Ranal Toppo seventh, 83.50 percent marks Ahmed eighth, Roshan Kumar Nag ninth and Mohammad Asir made his place in tenth place by scoring 83.50 percent marks. While Prince Arindam became the topper of the school by scoring 84.17 percent marks in commerce. At the same time, by bringing 83.50 percent marks, Vivek Kumar got the distinction of becoming the second topper and 82.33 percent marks and Ankit Pradhan was the distinction of becoming the third topper. While PV Jai Kumar Naidu IV by scoring 81.50 percent marks, Raj Aryan fifth by bringing 80.50 percentage marks, Padmini sixth by bringing 78.33 percent marks, 78.17 percent marks by bringing 78.17 percent marks to Sneha Singh seventh, 77.50 percent marks, Tanu Bajra by bringing eighth, 77.33 percent marks by bringing 77.33 percent marks to Rajat Jayaswal ninth and Rishika Pradhan stood tenth by scoring 76.67 percent marks. During this, the principal of the school NV Toppo said that the result of the school has been 100 percent percent. The children had worked hard, which resulted in good results. He wished successful students to build a future while doing further studies and better. A large number of school teachers and students were present on the occasion. School topper ShailajasibSc Board will engineering from the computer science. Which she is preparing. JEE has also given the exam. Shailaja Sanvi scored 96.50 percent marks in 12th Science. 95 in Physics, 95 in Mathematics, 97 in Chemistry, 97 in English, 96 in Computer Science. He has given the success of studies to teacher teachers in addition to his parents. MBA will do Commerce ArindamsBSC Board of Commerce Arindam, who became the topper of Kendriya Vidyalaya in the 12th Commerce, wants to become a financial manager by doing further studies. Prince got 84.17 percent marks. He got 90 marks in English, 96 in ACC, 87 in IP, 85 in economics, 70 in BST and 77 in PHE. He told that he used to study only three to four hours per day. His father Pramod Kumar is an advocate. While Mama Miri Sav is a housewife. Chiriya DAV Public School's result was 100 percent under DAV's 10th grade ToppersBSE's tenth result. All 86 students have passed here. At the same time, Suhani Gupta of Manoharpur has been a school topper with 95.6 percent marks. Chiriya's wind was in the second place. He got 94.8 per cent marks. While in third place Suhani Gupta's brother secured 91.6 percent marks and Soumya Gupta stood third. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.

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