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REET Level-2: Major Model Test of Science-MATHS: Top Most 150 Question Solve, Definite Answer In Answer Key

REET Level-2: Major Model Test of Science-MATHS: Top Most 150 Question Solve, Definite Answer In Answer Key

July 22nd 2022, 4:59 am
Amitesh Kumar
For the preparation of the REET Level-2 exam, the Complete Model Test paper of Science-Maths (Science and Mathematics) subject is being published today in the Major Model Test paper series. Also, 'Answer Key' is also being given separately. So that you can test preparation and scoring yourself. Now there is a single day left in the exam. Your exam is going to be held on 23 and 24 July. The board has also issued the admit card of the exam. On the Dainik Bhaskar app, new papers are being published daily in this Major series of model test paper for REIT candidates. This test series has been provided for the Reit candidates by the 'Kalam Academy'. After the quite research and development (R&D), important questions have been included in this mock paper in terms of examination. Different subjects experts have prepared a test series of 150 questions on the exam pattern for better preparation of the candidates by giving hard work and time. -Maths Major Model Test Paper is telling the number of questions in the subjects below-30 questions of development and teaching methods.-30 questions of Hindi language.-30 questions of English language 30 Questions. 60 questions of Science-Maths (Science and Mathematics). Noted-30-30 questions of Hindi, English and Sanskrit are given as Language. Candidates have selected languages ​​in Language-1 and Language-2. The same questions are to be attached. Level-2/ (Science and Mathematics)/ Major Series Model Test Paper Note: Reet Exam-2022 has been released by the Admit Card Board. Hope you all have downloaded the admit card. For the preparation of regular exam and the latest updates related to the exam, keep watching the Dainik Bhaskar app. Also keep an eye on the official website of the Board of Secondary Education. REET Level-1 exam 'Major Test Series' Model Paper: These 150 questions are very important, see 'Answer Key' from 'Answer Key' : Complete 150 questions mock paper on the exam pattern Atand Reet Level-1 Mega Model Test Paper: Solve 150 questions based on exam pattern, Major Series will be SeHehetech today, Rajasthan farmers, drones will be found: Rajasthan government will buy 1000 drones of 40 crores, You can be able to spray pesticides-pesticide Code of ethics.