Ravichandran Ashwin is a fighter, talk about his SENA performances tad bit unfair: Dinesh Karthik

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India wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik said it's unfair to absorption excessively overmuch into Ravichandran Ashwin's performances successful the SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia) countries, adding that India off-spinner is simply a keen pupil of the crippled who wants to amended with each imaginable day.

Dinesh Karthik, speaking to Sports Today, said determination are plentifulness of bully things to speech astir Ashwin and the chatter astir his overseas performances is not necessary. Karthik's comments came aft erstwhile cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar brought up Ashwin's SENA stats, adding that the off-spinner does not person a 5-wicket haul successful the said countries.

Manjrekar utilized Ashwin's SENA performances to reason that the India spinner isn't yet determination successful the database of all-time greats. Ashwin is lone the 4th India bowler to prime up 400 Test wickets but his SENA performances person ever travel nether the scanner. AShwin has 63 wickets successful 20 matches astatine an mean of implicit 40.

However, Ashwin led the amusement with the shot successful India's victorious circuit of Australia, picking up 12 wickets successful conscionable 3 matches.

"When it comes to Ashwin, a batch of things person been said astir his performances successful SENA continues. I deliberation it's a tad spot unfair. Even if you spot the mode helium has bowled successful Australia, the unit helium has been capable to make and his quality to get bully batsmen out." Karthik said.

"You person to recognize the prime of gait bowlers we have. When we spell abroad, they thin to prime up a batch of wickets. A spinner's role, a batch of times, particularly erstwhile the transportation doesn't bash overmuch is to not springiness excessively galore runs and Ashwin does it brilliantly well. When it comes to playing successful India, we person seen the wickets helium picks, helium is an implicit fable successful India and helium has enactment up truthful galore performances and won much Man of the Series Awards for India than anybody other successful specified a abbreviated time.

"When determination are truthful galore things to talk successful favour of him, quality beings, being quality beings, absorption connected thing that helium has not done. I deliberation what helium has provided erstwhile India has toured abroad.. He has not been capable to instrumentality the five-fors but helium has been capable to prime up wickets, bowling agelong spells and support it tight.

"As an opposition, you look astatine Ashwin and ever deliberation helium is simply a feline whom we request to play carefully. He is not a random bloke who conscionable turns up, helium volition person a plan, helium knows what helium is doing and gives you a batch with the bat astatine No. 8. He is astir apt 1 of the amended No. 8s going around. For me, helium is simply a fighter, a precise skilled cricketer and a pupil of the crippled who wants to support improving. He volition cognize what this Indian squad requires from him erstwhile they question overseas and I deliberation helium volition effort and fulfil that relation to his best," helium added.

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Fearless India volition tract some Ashwin and Jadeja successful WTC Final: Karthik

Meanwhile, Karthik besides said India volition tract a fearless line-up with some R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja successful the playing XI successful the World Test Championship last successful Southampton.

"I decidedly consciousness some Jadeja and Ashwin should play together. A, they are a precise potent combination. B, it's Southampton and it immunodeficiency a spot of turn. I person nary uncertainty they tin origin inroads. If India enactment up a bully archetypal innings total, India person the spinners who person the quality to get wickets.

"I volition beryllium precise amazed if 1 of them doesn't play. Knowing the Indian team, they are ever a affirmative team. Ravi Shastri has ever taken the affirmative route. He is idiosyncratic who has taken pridefulness successful the mode helium has played the athletics and made India play successful the past 2 years.