Ramadan 2021: Sara Ali Khan, Aly Goni and others wish Ramzan Mubarak

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New Delhi: The ninth period of muslim calendar Ramzan oregon Ramdan, which is considered to beryllium the holiest among Muslims has begun and connected Wednesday (April 14), Muslims volition commencement fasting successful India.
Our celebrities took to their societal media accounts to privation their fans ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

Actress Sara Ali Khan, who is presently vacationing successful the Kashmir Valley with her member Ibrahim Ali Khan and parent Amrita Singh, wished her fans ‘Ramadan Kareem’ from Gulmarg done her Instagram stories.
Sounds of azaan tin beryllium heard successful the inheritance of the video that Sara shared from Baba Rishi, Gulmarg Kashmir.

Actress Hina Khan, shared a bid of stunning photos successful a beauteous yellowish suit and wished her fans, “Ramadan Mubarak”.

Former Bigg Boss 14 contestant, tv histrion Aly Goni besides shared a photograph of himself connected his Instagram stories, with caption, “DAY 1 Ramadan Kareem” and a satellite and bosom eyes emoji.

Former histrion Sana Khan, who near showbiz successful October past twelvemonth and is present an avid Instagram blogger, shared a video station wishing her fans Ramadan Mubarak.

“Ramadan Mubarak May Allah Subhana wa taa’la assistance america each dependable minds,unshakable religion & bully wellness successful this blessed period of RAMADAN & FOREVER TILL HE WISHES,” Sana captioned her video post.

It is believed by Muslims crossed the satellite that successful the period of Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad recieved his archetypal Quranic revelations oregon messages from the deity done angel Gabriel oregon Jibreel successful the cave of Hira.