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Ram Katha: Narada Muni narrated such a description of Shiva Ji, weeping!

Ram Katha: Narada Muni narrated such a description of Shiva Ji, weeping!

August 4th 2022, 4:38 am
Amitesh Kumar

Ramayan Story of Mata Parwati Janam: After consuming herself with the fire of yoga, Sati ji was born as the daughter of Himachal. As soon as Parvati ji was born, the atmosphere of the mountain became very delightful, the best sages built the ashram. New medicinal trees came out and the mines of the beads became there. Animals and birds who behaved with enemies with each other started living in love with each other.

Narada Muni also reached to meet Parvati's birth and the delightful atmosphere of the mountain. After honoring him, Parvataraj urged to consider the merits of the girl. Narada Muni mysteriously smiled and said that this girl is a mine of all qualities. It is beautiful, gentle and sensible by nature. Parvati, Uma, Ambika and Bhavani are their names.

Narada Muni, while thinking about Parvati ji, said that the girl will be done in all qualities. It will always be lovely to her husband, their honeymoon will always be immovable and from this their parents will also get fame. It will be revered in the whole world and nothing will be rare by serving them. The women of the world will remember their names and climb the sword in the form of husband. Explaining the qualities of Kanya, he said that O mountain, now listen to the two or four demerits in it. He will receive a yogi, jatadhari, an in -usient prostitute and a husband with a heartless heart. Its hand line is telling the same. Told about Parvati ji's husband, both husband and wife became sad while Parvati ji became happy. Narada ji also could not know this mystery because everyone had the same external condition, but everyone had different types of thoughts in his heart. Parvati ji's stories, Himwan and Maina were all filled with water in their eyes because everyone knew that Devarshi Narada's words could not be wrong.

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