Rakhi Sawant’s mom to undergo surgery for tumour, thanks Salman Khan and family in heartwarming video - Watch

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On Monday (April 19), Rakhi Sawant's parent Jaya Bheda went done surgery. The Bollywood histrion and her parent took to Instagram earlier the country and thanked Salman Khan and his household for helping them done their pugnacious times.

New Delhi: Bollywood histrion Rakhi Sawant precocious took to Instagram to stock a heartwarming video earlier her parent Jaya Bheda's country for the removal of her tumour. In the affectional video, Rakhi Sawant's parent graciously thanked Bollywood's 'Bhai' Salman Khan and his member Sohail Khan for backing her costly crab treatment. 

Rakhi tin beryllium seen tearing up arsenic she besides extends acknowledgment to the 'Radhe' histrion and his household for coming into their lives arsenic an 'angel' and 'saving her mother'. In the video, Rakhi tin beryllium seen with folded hands and a disguise arsenic she stands adjacent to her parent successful the infirmary bed.

The happiness connected Rakhi's look implicit her mom's betterment and her mother's humble connection volition decidedly marque you teardrop up!

Watch the heartwarming video:

Sometime back, erstwhile Rakhi's parent made an quality connected Bigg Boss 14 done a video call, she was successful the infirmary and had informed her girl astir it. Rakhi broke down learning astir her mother's wellness and adjacent told different housemates that her ma is not well. Rakhi's member Rakesh Sawant excessively successful respective interviews had confirmed their mother's sick wellness and crab treatment. 

Rakhi's parent Jaya Bheda had a tumour of the gallbladder which turned cancerous. For the past fewer months, she has been going done Chemotherapy and had her country connected Monday (April 19) astatine 8:30 am.

On the enactment front, Rakhi Sawant was past seen successful the world amusement 'Bigg Boss 14' which earned her rave reviews and is currently shooting for her caller web bid titled "Tawaif Bazaar-E-Husn".