Putin says foreigners can get vaccinated against Covid in Russia for a fee

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Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a code during a plenary league of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) connected June 4, 2021.


Russian President Vladimir Putin connected Friday requested the authorities hole the mode for overseas citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19 successful the state for an undisclosed fee.

Speaking during a plenary league astatine the yearly St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin said: "The Russian pharmaceutical manufacture is consenting to proceed to boost the accumulation of vaccines truthful we are not conscionable afloat covering our ain needs."

"We tin besides supply overseas citizens with a accidental to travel to Russia and get vaccinated here. I cognize that fixed the ratio of our vaccines, determination is simply a precocious request for that," helium continued, according to a translation.

"In that regard, I would similar to inquire the authorities to analyse each aspects of this contented until the extremity of the month. So that, of course, successful compliance with each information measures and sanitary requirements to signifier the conditions for overseas citizens to get a accidental to get a vaccine connected a commercialized basis," Putin said, without specifying the cost.

Russia has approved 4 Covid vaccines for home use. The astir wide utilized Sputnik V vaccine has truthful acold been registered successful 65 countries worldwide, according to Russia's sovereign wealthiness fund.

The terms of Sputnik V is little than $10 per shot, with 2 doses required implicit a spread of 21 days.

Russia has been criticized for pursuing a strategy of selling oregon donating Covid vaccines overseas successful bid to widen its power worldwide. Moscow denies that this is the case.

Putin's comments travel arsenic pressure intensifies connected the world's wealthiest countries to bash much to broaden the planetary entree of Covid vaccines.

Equitable entree to vaccines is reportedly acceptable to beryllium apical of the docket erstwhile G-7 leaders conscionable successful the U.K. adjacent week.

The urgency and value of waiving definite intelligence spot rights connected Covid vaccines and treatments amid the pandemic person been underscored by the WHO, wellness experts, civilian nine groups, commercialized unions, erstwhile satellite leaders, planetary aesculapian charities, Nobel laureates and quality rights organizations.

India and South Africa jointly submitted a connection to the World Trade Organization successful October past year, calling for the request for policymakers to facilitate the manufacture of Covid treatments locally and boost the planetary vaccination campaign.

Several months on, the connection continues to beryllium stonewalled by a tiny fig of governments — including the EU, U.K., Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

Nord Stream 2

Separately, Russia's Putin said the archetypal enactment of the Nord Stream 2 state pipeline to Germany had been completed. The 2nd enactment is yet to beryllium finished.

The arguable 1,230-kilometer (764-mile) undersea pipeline is acceptable to go 1 of the longest offshore state pipelines successful the world. It is designed to present Russian state straight to Germany nether the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine.

Alongside respective European countries, the U.S. opposes the pipeline, calling it a "bad deal" for European vigor security. President Joe Biden is under pressure to bash much to halt the nearly-complete project.

Putin is scheduled to clasp talks with Biden successful Geneva, Switzerland connected June 16.

There are doubts astir whether the acme tin execute much, peculiarly fixed the mediocre authorities of diplomatic relations betwixt the 2 atomic powers.

Some U.S. lawmakers person criticized the Biden medication for giving the greenish airy to the talks, pointing to the ongoing detention of absorption person Alexei Navalny and the Kremlin's amusement of enactment for Belarus aft Russia's neighbour diverted a commercialized formation to Minsk past month.

At a property briefing past month, White House property caput Jen Psaki dismissed suggestions the bilateral talks should beryllium interpreted arsenic a "reward" for Moscow.

"This is however diplomacy works," she said. "We don't lone conscionable with radical lone erstwhile we agree. It's important to conscionable with leaders erstwhile we person a scope of disagreements, arsenic we bash with the Russian leader."

For its part, Russia said the 2 presidents volition clasp talks to sermon the existent presumption of bilateral ties, strategical stableness problems and ongoing planetary issues specified arsenic the coronavirus pandemic and determination conflicts.

— CNBC's Holly Ellyatt contributed to this report.