Punjabi singer Jazzy B's Twitter account restricted on Indian government's request

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New Delhi: Amid the enactment implicit hold successful complying with the caller IT (intermediary) rules, Twitter has restricted 4 accounts successful India -- including that of Punjabi rapper-songwriter Jazzy B -- successful compliance with the ineligible petition made by the Indian government, according to information from the US-based collaborative archive Lumen Database.

"@jazzyb`s relationship has been withheld successful India successful effect to a ineligible demand," work the connection connected the singer`s account.

The Indian-Canadian vocalist visited the Singhu borderline successful December to enactment farmers protesting against the caller workplace laws.

Jazzy B has besides been supporting the farmers done his societal media platforms and posted respective updates astir the protests connected Twitter.

Twitter has taken enactment connected 4 accounts that besides includes hip-hop creator L-Fresh the Lion.

The accounts person been "geo-restricted" which means radical extracurricular of India tin inactive entree the accounts.

In a statement, a Twitter spokesperson told IANS that erstwhile it receives a valid ineligible request, it reviews it nether some the Twitter Rules and section law.

"If the contented violates Twitter's Rules, the contented volition beryllium removed from the service. In each cases, we notify the relationship holder straight truthful they`re alert that we`ve received a ineligible bid pertaining to the account," the spokesperson said.

Ahead of withholding the content, Twitter had notified the relationship holders truthful that they`re alert that the enactment has been taken successful effect to a ineligible petition from the authorities of India.

Earlier connected Monday, amid the ongoing tussle with the IT Ministry implicit compliance with the caller IT rules, Twitter said it has been and remains profoundly committed to India, and serving the captious nationalist speech taking spot connected the service.

"We person assured the Government of India that Twitter is making each effort to comply with the caller Guidelines, and an overview connected our advancement has been duly shared. We volition proceed our constructive dialog with the Indian government," the institution said successful a latest statement.

The Indian authorities has present told the micro-blogging level that it is wide from the responses of the institution that till day it has not informed astir the details of the Chief Compliance Office arsenic required nether the Rules.

The IT Ministry said successful its past announcement that the Resident Grievance Officer and Nodal Contact Person nominated by the level are not its employees successful India arsenic required nether the caller rules.

The level and the Centre are astatine the loggerheads for rather immoderate time.

In April, Twitter pulled down astatine slightest 50 tweets astatine the behest of the Indian government, criticising it for the mediocre handling of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The information disposable connected Lumen database showed that the micro-blogging level has deleted much than 50 tweets that belonged to radical similar Revanth Reddy, an MP from Telangana; Moloy Ghatak, a West Bengal authorities minister; 2 filmmakers; an histrion and others.

In February, Twitter took a scope of enforcement actions against definite Twitter accounts aft the Indian authorities ordered it to instrumentality down much than 500 accounts for wide violations of its rules.