PSL 2021: Sarfaraz Ahmed similar to Virat Kohli as captain, he is very passionate - Faf du Plessis

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South Africa prima Faf du Plessis has heaped praise connected Sarfaraz Ahmed's captaincy style, saying the erstwhile Pakistan skipper is 'very passionate' and brings the champion retired of his team. Du Plessis volition beryllium representing Quetta Gladiators, led by Sarfaraz, successful the remainder of Pakistan Super League, resuming connected June 9 successful the UAE.

Faf du Plessis, who is 1 of the astir palmy captains for South Africa, likened Sarfaraz Ahmed's benignant to that of Virat Kohli, saying some are expressive connected the field, perpetually trying to speech to their players.

Sarfaraz Ahmed volition beryllium starring the Gladiators successful the remainder of the PSL which was suspended owed to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sarfaraz's led Pakistan to their biggest ICC rubric triumph successful caller years erstwhile they went connected to bushed India successful the last of the Champions Trophy successful 2017.

Sarfaraz was the skipper erstwhile Pakistan rallied against the likelihood and made a good comeback successful the 2019 World Cup. However, the wicketkeeper-batsman has mislaid his captaincy spot to Babar Azam who is starring the elder nationalist squad successful each 3 formats.

When asked to comparison Sarfaraz and MS Dhoni, Faf du Plessis said some are rather antithetic but effectual successful their ain ways. Du Plessis has established a good narration with Dhoni nether whom helium plays astatine the Chennai Super Kings.

"Quite different. MS is quiescent and reserved, does astir of his things instinctively connected the field. Sarfaraz is the other astir similar Virat. Always talking to the players, ever to the bowlers, ever precise passionate astir however helium captains his team, and helium shows it," du Plessis told Cricket Pakistan.

"So, determination is nary close and incorrect way. These are conscionable 2 antithetic styles," helium added.

'Have ever enjoyed playing nether antithetic captains'

Faf du Plessis volition bring successful a batch of acquisition and adhd to the enactment radical astatine Quetta Gladiators, who are reeling astatine the past spot with conscionable 4 wins successful 5 matches.

"He's evidently been skipper of Pakistan and has got the champion retired of players. I've ever enjoyed playing nether antithetic leaders conscionable to spot however they spell astir their concern because

"I besides americium beauteous passionate astir enactment myself truthful it's bully for maine to beryllium capable to spot however helium does things and connection my inputs if helium wants to instrumentality it," helium added.