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Pratapgarh News: Bahubali MLA sitting on dharna, father of Raja Bhaiya, SP and DM arrived to celebrate midnight

Pratapgarh News: Bahubali MLA sitting on dharna, father of Raja Bhaiya, SP and DM arrived to celebrate midnight

August 4th 2022, 4:58 am
Amitesh Kumar

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Sunil Yadav/Pratapgarh: Bahubali MLA Raja Bhaiya alias Raghuraj Pratap Singh's father from Kunda (Kunda) of Uttar Pradesh There has been a rage about the gate. Raja Bhaiya's father and Uday Pratap Singh sat on a dharna on Kunda tehsil on Wednesday. After this, there has been a panic in the administration. The administration is busy to convince them, but they are not ready to move away from their stubbornness.

DM and SP arrived to celebrate midnight Raja Uday Pratap Singh has been sitting on a dharna for more than 20 hours to demand the removal of the gate of a particular community. Both sons of Raja Bhaiya were also present at the dharna. Uday Pratap is protesting against the demand of setting up a gate of Muharram in Sheikhpur Aashiq of Kunda. DM and SP reached the dharna site at midnight to convince Uday Pratap Singh of the princely state of Bhadari, but they did not get any success. King Uday Pratap Singh's health deteriorated at around 11 pm. After which the team of doctors checked them.

He had a conversation with King Uday Pratap for about an hour on Wednesday night, but the king remained adamant on not removing the gate. In this way both of them had to return back to the harassment. Yuvraj Singh and Brijraj Singh, son of Cabinet Minister Raghuraj Pratap Singh Raja Bhaiya, reached Kunda tehsil in support of their Baba. He also sat on a dharna in support of Baba.

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Demand to remove mosque gate Due to the neglect of the local administration, on Wednesday, Raja Uday Pratap Singh sat on a dharna with his supporters in front of the SDM court and CO office in the tehsil campus. They demand that till the gate of Moharram is removed in Sheikhpur, he will sit on the dharna. On this matter, Uday Pratap Singh said that when there was no effect of his tweet, he himself has sat on a dharna for the whole day. Please tell that he tweeted before sitting on the dharna. He has demanded from the administration that the gate built through the road in Sheikhpur should be removed immediately. If the administration does not remove it, then they will do their picket even further.

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