Positive initiative: Education servants will survey unemployed youth


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At 10:50 PM July 22, 2022

Under the seven decision scheme of developed Bihar, a meeting was held at DRCC building located in Araria Block Office Complex on Friday to speed up the force of the youth. Instructions were given to expedite the Chief Minister's Self -Help Allowance Scheme, especially in the program. BEO, KRP and three education servants from all the blocks attended this meeting. In the meeting, literacy DPO Anant Kumar and DRCC Manager Gajendra Kumar discussed the Self -help allowance scheme in detail. On the occasion, DPO literacy Anant Kumar told all the people present that this scheme is very beneficial for unemployed youth. Especially young people who are between twenty to twenty -five years old, they can avail the help of a support allowance scheme. The Bihar government will give them twenty -four thousand rupees as government allowance for two years. So that such unemployed youth can make efforts for employment. For this, he ordered all the education servants working in the literacy campaign to first survey the unemployed youth of twenty to twenty five years in their nutritious field. Then help those who want to take the help allowance and send them to DRCC and help them get benefits. He appealed to all the educationals to cooperate in getting at least two people the benefit of this scheme. The achievement of the district is not satisfactory under the Chief Minister's Self Help Allowance Scheme. Therefore, for the better achievement of this scheme, everyone needs to make collective efforts together. It was directed to achieve the target before 15 August. On the occasion, Block Education Officer Amirullah, Deepa Rani, Glendra Kumar, BRP Vibha Singh, KRP Qamar Masoom, Urmila Devi, Chandan Kumari and all three education servants of all nine blocks attended the meeting. Copyright © 2022-23 DB Corp Ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.

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