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Police success in Shahabad: 3 accused arrested with stolen bars

Police success in Shahabad: 3 accused arrested with stolen bars

July 22nd 2022, 4:19 pm
Amitesh Kumar
Pali police station of Shahabad has arrested three accused including stolen goods from Bhahpur village in the area. Police produced before the court, from where he was sent to jail. Inspector Sunil Dutt Kaul, in -charge of Pali police station, said that for the crime control and arrest of criminals, he was shifted to the special operation being run on the instructions of Superintendent of Police Rajesh Dwivedi In -charge Surendra Mishra, in -charge of Rupapur police post of police station, and three accused related to a case of theft registered by his team have been arrested from Bhahpur village along with stolen goods. Pramod son Rampaere, a resident of Rahtaura village in Thana area, registered on Thursday. The reported report said that his house is being built near the Hariyali Petrol Pump on Pali Rupapur road where he has put the construction material including Maurang, Balti Sariya. From where Arvind's son Ramswaroop, Ravendra's son Surendra resident village Rahtaura, Atish Sutra Subedar resident of Subedar village, village Bahpur police station Pali Rohe, a kuntal was almost stolen from a bicycle. Police Has arrested the three accused with a stolen kuntal iron bari from Atish's house in Bhahpur village. The police have also recovered the bicycle used in the incident. The three accused arrested were produced before the court from where they were sent to jail. The arrest team included Rupapur police post incharge Surendra Mishra and Constable Anuj Kumar Alok Kumar. Inspector in-charge said that such action on criminals and anti-social elements will continue in future as well. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.