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Player who cried bitterly, PM Modi has won hearts

Player who cried bitterly, PM Modi has won hearts

August 4th 2022, 4:08 am
Amitesh Kumar

TV9 Bharatvarsh | Edited by: Anoop Singh

Aug 04, 2022 | 9:32 am

The sixth day of the Commonwealth Games was mixed for India. On the one hand, while Lovelina was out of the race of big boxer medal like Borgohen, on the other hand, India created history in sports like judo and squash. In Judo, India was given a silver medal by Tulika Mann. But India got a natural victory in the game of squash. India's veteran player Sourav Ghoshal gave the country the first Commonwealth medal in squash. In the final of Mains Singles, Ghoshal won the bronze medal by defeating England's James Wilstrop 3–0 in the straight game. The Bahs Ghoshal of this victory became emotional and started crying bitterly.

Sourav Ghoshal joined the England player Wilstrop after the victory. All the viewers were seen standing on his victory and clapping. After this Ghoshal went to his kit and he became emotional there. He could not handle his own feelings and his tears started coming out. This video of Ghoshal has gone viral on social media. These tears were telling how much this medal matters for Ghoshal. By the way, what PM Modi said after Ghoshal's victory is also winning the hearts of fans. @Sauravghosal did it. First ever medal for @weareteamindia in #squash in @birminghamcg22 Well Played #ghoshal 🥉 Bronze for Modi termed Sourav Ghoshal's victory as historic. He said that a medal of Ghoshal will increase the interest of the youth towards squash sports in the country.

it is a delight to The bronze medal hees won in birmingham is a very special one. Congratulations to Him. May His Achievements Help Boost The Popularity of Squash Among India Youth.

@nandra modi (@narendramodi) August 3, 2022

PM wrote in tweet, 'Saurav Ghoshal's success of success It is a pleasure to see new heights are touching. The bronze medal he has won in Birmingham is very special. Congratulations to Ghoshal. His achievement will help in increasing the popularity of squash among the youth of India.

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