Pearl V Puri rape case: Divya Khosla Kumar claims father of victim behind 'conspiracy'

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New Delhi: T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar's actress-producer woman Divya Khosla Kumar took to her Instagram relationship and made immoderate startling revelations successful TV histrion Pearl V Puri insignificant rape case. In her agelong note, Divya supported the TV histrion and shared shocking details of the case, levelling allegations connected the victim's father.

Divya Khosla Kumar wrote:  “Let maine present them to you ... this antheral is Anil Donde & this pistillate is an actress, Ekta Sharma. Anil Donde is the antheral who has enactment the complaint connected Pearl V Puri that helium molested his 5-year-old girl connected the sets of the serial, Bepanah Pyaar produced by Balaji Telefilms 2 years ago. Anil & Ekta person been undergoing a custody conflict for their girl ... & since the past 2 years the girl has been with Anil coz helium has enactment a complaint connected Ekta claiming that since she is an histrion & she took the girl connected her sets wherever the pb histrion molested her, the girl is unsafe with her ain mother... I consciousness Anil Donde should beryllium fixed the Filmfare champion screenplay grant for this plot".

"Now the constabulary person arrested Pearl ... I privation to cognize wherefore the constabulary did not apprehension him successful 2019 erstwhile this lawsuit was filed ... the crushed is that In the FIR filed it was mentioned that the kid was molested erstwhile she was with the mother. Pearl's sanction was obscurity successful the FIR. (I’ve work the FIR myself erstwhile Pearl’s parent forwarded it to maine yesterday erstwhile she called maine for help) Ekta Sharma successful her calls with Ekta Kapoor intelligibly says that her hubby is simply a psychotic person, who has mentally & physically abused her, she’s got respective proofs for the same, she clears the lawsuit by saying that Pearl is guiltless & thing similar this happened connected the sets (sic).”

Adding more, she wrote: “The child’s maid who went with her connected the acceptable has besides said the aforesaid to the police. The kid was blessed & playing ... Ekta besides took her to immoderate friends location station the sprout determination excessively she was happy. Please enactment The kid is 5 Yrs aged ... 10days aboriginal the begetter abducted the kid aft schoolhouse & filed a lawsuit of carnal abuse. Still, neither the kid nor the begetter mentioned Pearl's sanction ... accelerated guardant to 2yrs aboriginal contiguous successful 2021 erstwhile the kid is present 7yrs aged - She recognises the accused. For a 2nd if we presume that specified a happening happened with the mediocre babe ... I privation to cognize astatine specified a tender property volition the babe retrieve the person’s sanction & recognise him. It’s bittersweet for this small miss for the benignant of parents she’s been blessed with I lone privation to nonstop emotion her way. Ekta Sharma successful her telephone telephone with Ekta Kapoor further says that the kid has been tutored by the father. What is highly disturbing is that a question similar Me Too is truthful severely being misused ... the mediocre kid who is being mentally played with by her ain father. It is simply a bittersweet authorities of affairs for Pearl who had a agleam aboriginal up of him. Even earlier starting his vocation properly, his estimation has got a large blow. volition anyone successful the manufacture springiness him enactment (sic)?"

"Shameful!!!!! #ShameonAnil Donde for utilizing his ain kid for his gains & finishing disconnected different person's beingness & career. #ShameonEktaSharma for not coming successful the media & speaking the information ... bash u deliberation determination exists nary Karma. Shame connected the alleged media handles who lone tally for their ain involvement & laughter astatine different radical miseries. Shame connected Humanity !!!!!! I petition each to travel guardant & enactment Pearl with the hashtag #istandwithpearl & not fto this lawsuit dice down till the begetter oregon the parent themselves don’t travel successful media & archer the information ... however tin we fto a Man’s beingness & aboriginal get spoiled similar this ???? The crushed wherefore truthful galore of @Pearlvpuri co-stars and actresses are supporting him .... Im supporting him is due to the fact that I myself person worked with him and I’ve seen it astatine adjacent quarters connected however this young antheral respects women ... determination were women connected the sets successful each departments- costumes, choreography, assistants .. adjacent our manager was a pistillate ... did immoderate 1 ever consciousness this feline is simply a pervert.... NO ... hez a antheral with bully motivation values ... May the information triumph & whitethorn #PearlvPuri not suffer his precious years successful proving himself (sic).”

For the unversed, a Vasai Court connected Saturday sent arrested tv histrion Pearl V. Puri to 14 days' judicial custody. Puri was arrested connected alleged charges of molesting and raping a five-year-old miss 2 years ago. 

The 31-year-old "Naagin 3" histrion was booked by Mira-Bhayander Vasai-Virar Police Commissionerate, invoking charges of IPC Sec. 376 AB and POCSO Act, 4, 8, 12,19, 21 for the rape of the insignificant girl, said the officials. 

Several celebrities showered enactment for the actor. Besides Karishma Tanna, shaper Ekta Kapoor, histrion Anita Hassanandani among others dismissed it arsenic a mendacious complaint and showed enactment for Pearl. 

Pearl worked with Divya Khosla Kumar successful Teri Aankhon Mein song.