Pakistan PM says insulting Mohammed should be same as denying Holocaust

3 weeks ago 24

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan connected Saturday urged the governments of Western countries to penalise those deliberately spreading their connection of hatred against Muslims by disrespecting the Prophet successful the aforesaid mode that they had outlawed immoderate antagonistic remark against the Holocaust.

Khan, successful a bid of tweets aft the caller convulsive protestation by a extremist spiritual radical that has present been banned by the government, said that Muslims cannot tolerate immoderate benignant of blasphemy successful the honour of their Prophet.

"I besides telephone connected Western governments who person outlawed immoderate antagonistic remark connected the holocaust to usage the aforesaid standards to penalise those deliberately spreading their connection of hatred against Muslims by abusing our Prophet," helium said.

Several European countries and Israel person laws against Holocaust denial, the denial of the systematic genocidal sidesplitting of astir six cardinal Jews successful Europe by Nazi Germany successful the 1930s and 1940s. Many countries besides person broader laws that criminalise genocide denial.

Khan said that the extremists abroad, who indulge successful Islamophobia and racist slurs to wounded and origin symptom to 1.3 cardinal Muslims crossed the globe, should recognize the emotion the Muslims person for their Prophet.

"We Muslims person the top emotion & respect for our Prophet who lives successful our hearts. We cannot tolerate immoderate specified disrespect & abuse," helium tweeted.

He adjacent asked extremists groups successful the West to apologise to the Muslims for "deliberately" hurting their spiritual sentiments.

"Those successful the West, including utmost close politicians, who deliberately indulge successful specified maltreatment & hatred nether guise of state of code intelligibly deficiency motivation consciousness & courageousness to apologise to the 1.3 cardinal Muslims for causing this hurt. We request an apology from these extremists," helium said.

Khan's tweet came aft his authorities banned extremist Islamist enactment Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) connected Thursday pursuing convulsive protests by it to unit the authorities to expel the French ambassador implicit a blasphemous caricature published successful France past year.

The TLP had launched the country-wide protestation connected Monday aft the apprehension of its main Saad Hussain Rizvi up of the April 20 deadline the Islamists had fixed to the Imran Khan authorities demanding expulsion of the French ambassador for work of cartoons of the Prophet.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf authorities had signed an statement with the TLP successful November past agreeing to expel the French ambassador.

The authorities banned the TLP nether the Terrorism Act, accusing it of engagement successful coercion and acting successful a mode prejudicial to the bid and information of the country.

Khan said the determination of banning the radical was not taken nether immoderate unit from the outside.

"Let maine marque wide to radical present and abroad: Our govt lone took enactment against TLP nether our anti-terrorist instrumentality erstwhile they challenged the writ of the authorities and utilized thoroughfare unit and attacking the nationalist and instrumentality enforcers," helium said, adding that nary 1 tin beryllium supra the instrumentality and the Constitution.

The authorities connected Friday temporarily suspended the services of societal media platforms similar Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp to halt their usage to organise demonstrations.