Pak cleric arrested for threatening to kill Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai

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A cleric successful northwest Pakistan has been arrested nether the pugnacious anti-terrorism enactment for threatening to termination Malala Yousafzai successful a termination onslaught and instigating radical against the Nobel Laureate for her caller comments connected marriage, constabulary said.

Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani, a cleric, was arrested successful Lakki Marwat territory of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state connected Wednesday, Dawn paper reported connected Thursday, quoting Lakki Marwat District Police Office.


In an interrogation to Vogue magazine successful its latest edition, 23-year-old Malala, an Oxford postgraduate and a Pakistani activistic for girls acquisition who miraculously survived a slug to the caput from the militant Taliban successful October 2012, revealed that she is not definite if she volition ever marry.

“I inactive don't recognize wherefore radical person to get married. If you privation to person a idiosyncratic successful your life, wherefore bash you person to motion matrimony papers, wherefore can’t it conscionable beryllium a partnership?” she told the magazine.


The cleric belongs to the Nowshera country of the state but was visiting Pizo successful Lakki Marwat erstwhile nabbed by the police. He had seemingly escaped from determination to debar arrest.

Haqqani was charged for nether conception of 16 Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) enactment and conception 7 of Anti-Terrorism Act.

Station House Officer Wasim Sajjad Khan is the complainant successful the case, the study said.

Sajjad told the media that Lakki Marwat constabulary went into enactment aft it was tipped astir the beingness of the cleric successful the district.


According to the FIR, a video went viral connected societal media showing Mufti Sardar instigating radical astatine a gathering successful Wahid Ghari country of Peshawar to instrumentality the instrumentality into their ain hands and onslaught Malala. He was equipped erstwhile the incidental took place, the study said.

"When Malala comes to Pakistan, I volition beryllium the archetypal to effort a termination onslaught connected her," according to the FIR registered astatine Pizo constabulary presumption successful Lakki Marwat.

The video of the code inciting unit went viral connected societal media with galore radical urging the authorities to instrumentality enactment against him.

The ailment further said that the cleric's code had threatened bid and incited lawlessness, according to the quality report.


Malala's remarks caused a tempest successful the blimpish Pakistan and her location successful Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state wherever women are seldom seen successful nationalist without a Muslim veil oregon a antheral guardian.

Recently, her views connected matrimony besides echoed successful the provincial assembly with Opposition Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) lawmaker Sahibzada Sanaullah demanding the authorities to probe whether she truly made those remarks connected matrimony remarks arsenic beingness concern was not allowed successful immoderate religion and if she favoured it, past the basal was condemnable.

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The PPP and Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal, an confederation of religious-political parties, besides urged her household to clarify their presumption connected the issue, the study said.

In February, a Pakistani Taliban militant, who had allegedly changeable Yousafzai, had threatened her, saying that adjacent time, "there would beryllium nary mistake."

Haqqani made headlines past twelvemonth erstwhile helium mocked Covid-19 modular operating procedures (SoPs) successful different video which resulted successful his apprehension by Nowshera police. He was released later.

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