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On not giving money, the policeman beat the accused fiercely: threatened to trap, the young man's head exploded; Was surrendered in beating case

On not giving money, the policeman beat the accused fiercely: threatened to trap, the young man's head exploded; Was surrendered in beating case

August 4th 2022, 4:58 am
Amitesh Kumar

Police have been facing serious allegations in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Here an accused has accused the sub-inspector of beating him with kicking. Apart from this, he has also accused him of demanding 10 thousand rupees from the other 4 accused. The accused youth said that he has been demanded for money by implicating him in large sections and threatening to get bail. He was beaten up with kick-punches for not giving money. Due to which his head is torn. He was later admitted to the hospital. The case is of Koni police station area.

According to the information, on July 24, the youths entered the liquor shop of village Paunsra in Koni police station area and beat up the salesmen Durga Prasad Kewat with a stick. On the report of the salesmen, the police registered a case against the attackers and started searching for them. An accused in the case was already arrested.

On Tuesday, SI Gulab Patel called the remaining four accused to the police station to arrest. Out of these, Chan Singh Thakur (30), a resident of Parasra's residence, reached the police station to surrender at 11 am on Wednesday. During this time, he has been beaten up. Such allegations have been made by Chan Singh Thakur.

A video of accused Chan Singh has also surfaced to tell anyone about the incident

in which he said It has been that SI Gulab Patel beat him with kick-punches, causing his head to hit the wall and burst. Seeing his condition, the policemen present in the police station flew away. He was immediately taken to CIMS for treatment. While taking treatment, he was asked to tell anyone about the incident. In CIMS also, ASI told the doctor that he had fallen and injured. When the doctor asked Chan Singh, he informed about the incident of assault with him. However, the doctor has written the cause of injury to the slip. He has 6 stitches in his head.

Family said- When the accused Chan Singh was presented in court, he was still threatened to remain silent. Seeing the bruises in his head, the family interrogated, then he informed about the whole incident. The family is angry with this. He has said to complain about the beating SI to the police officers.

Police arrested the police to arrest the media to arrest the five accused who beat the salesmen in the liquor shop. Have given information about He said that on July 26, accused Janak Singh alias Sujit was arrested. In his interrogation, his colleagues were named. After this, the police was searching for the accused. On Wednesday, on the information of the informer, Chan Singh Thakur, a resident of Pansra's residence, Radhe Dhivar alias Chhotu, resident of Bazaarpara of Paunsra, Murit Ram Kashyap, a resident of Barabhata of Seller, has been arrested. He also told that he was out. Therefore, there is no information about asking for money and beating. An accused was reported to be injured.