Officer reprimanded: DM's public court


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Officer reprimanded: DM's public court
10:51 PM July 22, 2022

On Friday, DM Dr. Tyagarajan SM received applications related to problems from common people at the Janata Durbar held at Neemchak Bathani Subdivision Headquarters Khizarasarai. In the Block Office Khizarsarai, there were separate counters for the MNREGA, Indira Housing and Revenue Department to execute the problems of the people in the Janata Durbar of the District Officer, while there was a system to take applications for the rest of the other department on the third. Before the arrival of DM, DDC Vinod Duhan was listening to complaints related to MNREGA and Indira housing in Hall number 1. While Deputy Collector Revenue Manoj Kumar and Senior Deputy Collector Amrita Osho Hall 2 were interacting with the people who came with complaints related to revenue and land dispute. Whereas, apart from these departments, applications related to other departments were being taken by the special work officer of DM. As soon as the district officials came first to the revenue and land dispute camp from where they were immediately applied to the DDC where applications were being taken in relation to Indira Awas. The most applications related to the land dispute and more applications related to the land dispute, land disputes and filing- Came in relation to dismissal. After this, applications were received in MNREGA and housing. Overall, there was a crowd of application regarding the Zonal Office, Housing and Nal Jal Yojana. Applications also came on the opening of the wrong registry paper. Complaint was made about the work of Naljal scheme being incomplete. In addition to taking money from Tempu and other vehicle by the contractor of the market, the complaint of taking Rs 20 from every cart, JDU Block President Chandramani Prasad, in addition to taking money from Tempu and other vehicle by the contractor of the market. Done by DM. At some distance from the police station, the sensor demanded to curb money from every vehicle. After this, the DM ordered the cancellation of Ekrar with registering an FIR on the sensor. Before the arrival of the DM, the officers were engaged in managing the applicants, the brother, brother, you have come to you, you had spoken to you, your work will be done, my work will be done, my talk Suppose your job will be done, what is the need to get upset and to bother others too. Arju was seen pleading with an applicant who has been not rejected for more than a year for more than a year. This situation was with almost every department official, before the arrival of the district officer, many officers and some of his favorite employees were eyeing and were engaged in managing. Even outside the block office where the camp was held, even a team of middlemen also appeared in the effort that the serious complaint did not reach the district officer as much as possible. When the applicants entered the hall with an application when the pond has not been encroached for a year, an officer was seen pleading with him once. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd. Code of ethics.

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