Netizens have a meme fest after Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account suspended, say 'Twitter is sanitised'

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New Delhi: On Tuesday (May 4), Bollywood histrion Kangana Ranaut's Twitter relationship was suspended by the societal media level implicit the histrion violating its rules and netizens person wasted nary clip successful making memes astir the news!

Many users person mentioned histrion Hrithik Roshan, vocalist Diljit Dosanjh and definite governmental figures arsenic well. They've besides added Kangana's aged video clips and pictures arsenic reactions to the news.

The contented is surely divided with a definite conception contented with Kangana's Twitter relationship suspension and different unhappy with the restrictions enactment connected the 'Queen' actress. However, the memes are rather absorbing and volition surely marque you grin oregon smirk for their creativity. 

Have a look astatine the funniest memes aft Kangana's relationship got suspended

#KanganaRanaut Reaction aft suspended twitter relationship

— Md Toushif (@MdToush0786) May 4, 2021

Kangana's twitter relationship is suspended.
Meanwhile Hrithik Roshan-:#KanganaRanaut

— (@GURUJI_123) May 4, 2021

No one

I said nary one

But @diljitdosanjh close now#KanganaRanaut

— GaGaN (@advGaganSidhu) May 4, 2021

#KanganaRanaut relationship suspended

Meme creators 
How tin we get Meme materials now?

— (@Zaaraspeaks) May 4, 2021

Kangana's Twitter Account Suspended. Meanwhile full Bollywood and Anti BJP radical rn :

(Disclaimer: These benignant of tweets are conscionable for amusement intent only, and doesn't mean to wounded anyone's sentiment). #KanganaRanaut #twittersuspended #nooffense #justajoke #MEMES

— Ananya Pandey (@ananya_p15) May 4, 2021


— Jignesh (@JigneshRM) May 4, 2021

Pic-1 Kangna spreading garbage connected Twitter
Pic-2 Twitter india started its work
Pic-3 After Twitter india finished its work

— Danish Malik (@Danish786Nadwi) May 4, 2021


— Zeus (@Proud_Bong) May 4, 2021

Finally twitter suspended #KanganaRanaut A/C permanently determination connected the satellite a radical of radical celebrating !#WelldoneTwitter

— Thanos Pandit (parody) (@Thanos_pandith) May 4, 2021

Finally twitter is sanitized#KanganaRanaut

Virus Vaccine

— WEAR MASK (@Madddy7666) May 4, 2021

The histrion had precocious posted immoderate tweets that interruption the guidelines of the micro-blogging site. 

Kangana’s tweet connected the Bengal predetermination and its consequent unit led to the suspension of her account.

In her tweets, the ‘Manikarnika’ histrion claimed that a ‘genocide’ is happening successful Bengal and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ‘tame’ West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee utilizing his "Virat Roop" from "early 2000s" successful Bengal.

Twitter spokesperson, commenting connected banning Kangana’s relationship said, “We’ve been wide that we volition instrumentality beardown enforcement enactment connected behaviour that has the imaginable to pb to offline harm. The referenced relationship has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter Rules specifically our Hateful Conduct argumentation and Abusive Behaviour policy. We enforce the Twitter Rules judiciously and impartially for everyone connected our service."