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Negligence regarding road construction of Chaksu PWD department and contractor ..

Negligence regarding road construction of Chaksu PWD department and contractor ..

August 4th 2022, 8:01 am
Amitesh Kumar

Renewal work of road renewal of road connecting a dozen villages including Malpuria Via Mandalia Maida, Govindpura in Chaksu subdivision of Jaipur district is incomplete. Large claims of development are made by the state and central government, but the reality is something else, the slogan of village development is being given by the central government. A plan is being run to build a paved road in the village connecting the mainstream to develop the villages, but due to the negligence of the contractor and the officials, these schemes are being divided.

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Dozen villages including Malpuria Via Mandalia Maida, Govindpura to Kadi Malpuria Via Mandalia Maida, Govindpura in Chaksu subdivision of Jaipur district The renovation work of the road added is incomplete. According to the villagers, there is negligence about the road construction of Chaksu PWD department and contractor. Road renovation work for 9 km here has been incomplete for the last 1 year. People are facing a lot of trouble in traffic due to the uproar of the old asphalt road. There is a possibility of accidents on the day, because the road, Kankar construction on the road remains the cause of the material accident.

also the road construction work was closed for a long time, which now went a few days ago, in which there are allegations of corruption openly. With the connivance of the officials and the contractor, the first rains have pits from place to place within 7 days of the construction of the road, and the road was uprooted, due to which corruption is clearly visible.

Road Sudding work started under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Phase 3, 8 February 2021 and the period of work ending on 7 December 2021, after a long time, the contractor has started construction of the road, in which too The villagers are accusing them of making a road with inferior material. At the same time, 9 kilometers were to be made from Shakkarkhavada to Malpuria, in which about 5 kilometers of roads have been built by the contractor from Malpuria to Mandalia Maida, which has broken from place to place only within 7 days. The villagers had also stopped work for 5 days for inferior construction in this road, but later the road has been made under pressure on the villagers, which has broken from place to place.

In such a situation, people are not getting the benefit of the public welfare scheme of the government. Even today in the digital age, the village looks quite backward during the development era. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, about 9 km long from Shakkar Khawda to Malpuria, which was to be built at a cost of about 4 crore 32 lakhs, but even after 1 year, the road work is still hung and the road is built today. There were also pits in place, due to which accidents happen on the day. In this case, the villagers have alleged a memorandum from the officials to the public representatives, demanding an inquiry into the substandard construction, alleging corruption, and if the problem of the villagers is not resolved, then warning of the fierce movement.

this When he spoke to the Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department DK Phulwaria in the case, he has admitted that there have been screws on the road. He said that the concerned contractor work agency has been given notice several times in this regard and now notices have been given in class 52 and 53, which has been investigated and poor construction is found, then the road is found, then the road is raised back. Will be built The allegation of collusion of the villagers is wrong and as soon as we received the complaint, by giving notice to the contractor, where the road has been broken due to poor construction. It will be made back and made, yet no payment of any kind has been made to the thekadar, until the work is complete and quality, then no payment of any kind will be made, while the higher officials have been made aware.

Reporter: Amit Yadav

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