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Name "Vande Mataram" but the area is filled with mud

Name "Vande Mataram" but the area is filled with mud

August 4th 2022, 6:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

The villagers are facing problems due to the gathering of rainy water in some colonies of Arai. In many colonies, water logging has stopped from movement. The villagers are facing trouble due to the accumulation of. In many colonies of the town, water logging has stopped from the movement.

Even after the situation deteriorated, the Gram Panchayat administration is not taking any concrete steps. Due to which the people of the towns are facing trouble. The condition of Vande Mataram Colony, Kumhara is the worst position. It has also become difficult to take out by sitting on a motorcycle in these colonies. There is no permanent solution to the drainage of water in the premises, their water remains accumulated. These days there is also a fear of spreading seasonal diseases.

Things are worse in villages In other villages of the area like Jugalipura, Dhasuk, Gothiana etc., waterlogging is also taking place on the roads. Due to which the passers are facing trouble, and the direct reason for this is that the panchayat administration has not cleaned the drains. Then proper arrangements have not been made by the Gram Panchayat administration for the drainage of water. There is also a possibility of mosquito flourishing and spreading diseases due to waterlogging.

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