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Movie Poster Controversy: After 'Kali', Sri Krishna appeared in such a place in the poster of this film

Movie Poster Controversy: After 'Kali', Sri Krishna appeared in such a place in the poster of this film

August 4th 2022, 8:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

Masoom Sawaal Controversy: A film is going to be released on August 5, which is named 'Masoom Sawaal'. There is now a ruckus about the poster of this film.

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Masoom Sawaal Controversial Poster: A film came a few days ago, whose title came out a few days ago Was 'Kali'. There was no controversy about this film, until its poster was revealed. In the poster of this documentary, mother Kali is shown smoking cigarettes. Not only this, mother Kali has also shown the flag of the LGBTQ community in one hand. There was a lot of ruckus after the poster of this film surfaced and now once again there is a ruckus about another poster. In the poster of this film, the picture of Shri Krishna has been shown in such a place that the saint society got angry.

Why are there a ruckus

5 August i.e. tomorrow, the film 'Masoom Sawaal' directed by Santosh Upadhyay is being released. But just one day before its release, there has been a ruckus about this film. Let us tell you that in the film's poster, a picture of Lord Krishna has been made on the sanitary pad. With which people are giving different reactions, the saint society also seems angry with this poster. Due to this ruckus on the poster, director Santosh Upadhyay and actress Ekavali Khanna have issued a statement.

superstition has to finish

According to the news agency, when Ekavali was asked if he was aware of the poster dispute? So Ekavali said that 'I have no information about such a dispute. I can only tell that the makers had no intention of doing so. They do not want to hurt anyone's feeling. The entire objective was to change the conscious thinking about the periods. There is no place in society for superstition. In such a situation, it is wrong to forcibly impose practices on women.

Director put his side

The director of the film 'Masoom Sawaal' said that in favor of the film, 'Many times our view of seeing things is very different. . Misconception arises only because of the attitude. The story of the film is based on periods, so it becomes necessary to show the pad. The film's poster has pads and also Shri Krishna.

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