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Monkeypox OutBreak: Mankeepox spreads by human bite? Learn 10 important things about this virus

Monkeypox OutBreak: Mankeepox spreads by human bite? Learn 10 important things about this virus

Monkeypox OutBreak: MonkeyPox has spread its foot in India. So far, a total of 9 patients have appeared out of which one has died. Let us tell you today the 10 important things related to this virus that you should know. All are worried. A total of 9 cases have been reported in India so far, out of which 5 cases have been found in Kerala and 4 in Delhi. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the MonkeyPox has the ability to spread globally and a patient has died in India due to this disease. So let's tell 10 important things about this virus which you should know.

1. What is MonkeyPox? A virus monkey -related related to smallpox is usually found in West and Central Africa. This was first discovered in 1958 when two outbreaks of disease like smallpox were seen in monkeys during a study. Therefore, this disease was also named after monkeys. The corpossal can not be an immutable or without symptoms, like corona.

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2. How does Monkey Pox spread? This virus can spread from one person to another. The second method spreads in contact with the infected person, touching the contaminated bed or cutting by an infected person.

3. Symptoms of MonkeyPox There are some symptoms of the moncipox- rash, fever, headache, muscle pain on the face or other areas of the body or other areas of the body. If you see these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

4. Which age groups are more affected? It often affects people from all classes ranging from young children to senior citizens. If someone is found in a monkey, then it should be very careful for its safety.

5. Monkey It is usually lighter. But sometimes, its outbreak becomes more, due to which you can also die. When it comes to someone's health, he should remain active and take all the necessary precautions to avoid the monkipox.

6. How to protect against Mankipox Do not get into contact with infected animals or humans. Try to maintain cleanliness around you. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If you feel that you are infected with MonkeyPox, then keep distance from other people and consult a doctor.

7. Why is MonkeyPox cause anxiety? The monkey is also the cause of anxiety because it spreads from one person to another and it can also be fatal. According to the WHO, one of the 10 patients suffering from MonkeyPox dies. However, light cases can be completely cured in a few weeks. This virus can usually reach inside the body through mucosal membrane, breathing or skin lesions (eye, nose or mouth). Follow all the advice of the doctor to the patients of the monkipox. Never ignore any signal of this.

8. Treatment of MonkeyPox At the moment, there is no cure available for MonkeyPox. However, the risk of this virus can be reduced by vaccination of smallpox.

9. What is monkey fever The virus causing Monkey Fever is a member of the Flaviard family and is spread by ticks, birds and other animals. It is a disease spread by a vector. Generally, both humans and monkeys are affected by this. The first example of this was seen in March 1957 in Masanur forest in Karnataka, where many people became ill after the death of many monkeys.

10. Difference between Monkey and Monkey Fever The symptoms of the monkipox are similar to smallpox symptoms, but less severe. In the monkeys colony where they were kept for research, MonkeyPox was detected. Monkey spreads from fever ticks, which are found in monkeys. A person becomes infected only by its bite.


August 4th 2022, 6:21 am
Amitesh Kumar
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