Mohammad Amir on whether he plans to play in IPL after getting British citizenship: Let’s see how things go

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Former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir has revealed astir his IPL plans aft getting UK citizenship successful the future. The left-arm pacer announced his daze status from planetary cricket astatine the property of 28 successful December 2020.

Former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir (Twitter Image)


  • Mohammad Amir has opened up connected his program to play successful the IPL
  • Amir retired from planetary cricket astatine the property of 28 successful December 2020
  • The left-arm pacer had cited ‘mental torture’ by the absorption arsenic the crushed down his decision

Former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir who retired from planetary cricket astatine the property of 28 successful December past twelvemonth has opened up connected his plans to enactment successful the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The left-arm pacer is presently playing franchise cricket crossed the satellite and plans to rise his kids successful England. Doors for Amir to play successful the IPL, world's biggest T20 league, tin unfastened erstwhile helium gets the British Citizenship. In a caller interrogation Mohammad Amir revealed that helium plans to play cricket for different 6 to 7 years but haven't truly thought astir his plans aft receiving the citizenship.

"At the infinitesimal I’ve been granted indefinite permission to stay successful the United Kingdom. I’m enjoying my cricket these days and program to play for different 6 oregon 7 years truthful let’s spot however things go. My children volition turn up successful England and person their acquisition determination truthful nary uncertainty I volition beryllium spending a just magnitude of clip there. At the moment, I’ve not truly thought astir the different possibilities and opportunities disposable and however things volition crook retired erstwhile I person British citizenship successful the future," Amir told

Mohammad successful his arguable planetary vocation played 36 Tests, 61 ODIs and 50 T20Is. He had cited ‘mental torture’ by the absorption arsenic the crushed down his decision. The accelerated bowler had openly criticised Pakistan coaching unit including Waqar Younis and Misbah-ul-Haq connected much than 1 occasion.

Players getting opportunities to play successful leagues should drawback it

Further, Mohammad Amir shunned allegations that helium retired from planetary cricket to play successful T20 leagues crossed the globe and marque money. He took an indirect excavation without naming anyone and said that his actions person ever been unnecessarily twisted by immoderate people.

"Some person specified a mindset wherever they consciousness that a definite idiosyncratic tin ne'er bash thing right. No substance what that subordinate does, they volition twist it and crook it into a negative. I americium lone playing successful the leagues that are disposable to different Pakistani cricketers and it’s not arsenic if determination are immoderate peculiar leagues being organised conscionable for my benefit. Are different players being called retired for putting wealth first? For example, Haider Ali precocious signed to play successful the Caribbean Premier League, are radical calling him a money-grabber? If players are getting an accidental to play successful a league, past they should spell for it.

"When I was dropped from the Pakistan side, I was going to drawback each accidental truthful that I could amended and beryllium to others that I tin inactive execute and radical accepted that. But, past erstwhile I retired from Test cricket and I was playing successful leagues astir the world, abruptly radical started saying it was each astir money," Amir added.

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