Missed spending time with family: Elli AvrRam on returning home

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Elli AvrRam

Actress and Bigg Boss 7 contestant Elli AvrRam is yet successful the comfortableness of her location aft 2 agelong years. In a caller interview, the histrion spoke astir her excitement astir returning location arsenic she yet gets to bask her mother's cooking and chat with her grandmother.

New Delhi: Swedish-Greek histrion Elli AvrRam, who is presently backmost location successful Sweden aft 2 years successful clip for her mother's birthday, says the things she missed the astir were her mother's cooking and chitchatting with her grandmother.

Elli told IANS she missed being location each this while, owing to a hectic enactment docket and, later, the Covid lockdown that barred travel.

"It feels large being backmost home. I've missed spending clip with my family, eating my mother's nutrient and conscionable chitchatting with my grandmother! The quality implicit present and to spell for walks adjacent our water is thing I've missed, too, and, of course, to drawback up with friends! It's ever bully to beryllium backmost location -- genuinely gives bid to the psyche and boosts you," she told us.

Before reaching home, the histrion had taken her Covid-19 trial astatine the airdrome due to the fact that the process is not compulsory successful Sweden.

Elli was precocious seen shaking a limb with histrion Aamir Khan successful the way 'Har Funn Maula' for the movie 'Koi Jaane Na'.