Minor murder case, hookah was being served in cafe!


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Minor murder case, hookah was being served in cafe!
11:07 AM August 9, 2022

One of the colleagues with him uploaded the video inside his social app shortly before the murder of a minor Arkan inside a cafe located in Talwandi area of ​​Kota. In which the boys sitting there are seen drinking hookah. However, this video has now been removed. After the video came, it became clear that apart from fast food, the hookah was also being served in the cafe. It has been found out that the minor is being told that the big thing is that even the minors were being served hookah. After the murder incident, on Monday night, in the presence of SP in Jawahar Nagar area, the restaurants were inspected in the pub.

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some minors were also caught. Here, in the Arkan murder case, three minors have been detained in the police and sent a child communication house. The same four boys have also been named and the rest is being searched. There is no confirmation yet why the crime was carried out, but initial interrogation of the caught boys revealed that during the pistol, the bullet was fired and the bullet was hit by Arkan.

such The question arises in where the pistols came from the minors and who is illegally supplying the pistol. Apart from catching the boys involved in the incident, the arrest of the accused who illegally supply pistols illegally is also a big challenge for the police. Police officer Ramkishan said that action is being taken in the case, the rest of the boys will also be caught soon. Hookah bars are running illegally. These hookah bars are being run under the guise of cafes and restaurants. Especially in the new Kota region, they have more number in Jawahar Nagar, Mahavir Nagar and RKpuram and Nadipar Kunhadi areas. Here, fast food is being served by making small restaurants, and the couples are also given a place to sit inside, and illegal hookahs are also served. This business is flourishing due to no regular checking.

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