Microsoft's 'Netflix-for-gaming' service launches on iPhone and PC this week

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A lawsuit plays connected an Xbox xCloud instrumentality astatine the Microsoft store opening connected July 11, 2019 successful London, England.

Peter Summers | Getty Images

Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming service, antecedently known arsenic xCloud, volition statesman rolling retired successful beta to iPhones, iPads and PCs this week. The work volition beryllium invite-only to start, Microsoft said successful a blog post connected Monday.

Xbox Cloud Gaming was connected way to motorboat for iPhones and iPads earlier, but Apple updated its App Store rules successful September that impacted services similar Xbox Gaming and Google Stadia. Apple's determination forced the companies to usage web browsers to redesign their services truthful that they could circumvent the App Store rules. Under the rules, Microsoft, Google and different companies with akin services would person had to connection each crippled arsenic an idiosyncratic download alternatively of offering a implicit room the mode Netflix does for movies.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is benignant of similar Netflix for games. People who subscribe to Microsoft's $14.99/month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate program tin entree much than 100 titles. The unreality gaming facet lets you watercourse the games without having to download them, provided you person a accelerated capable net connection. The streaming enactment is already disposable for Android phones.

Microsoft said it volition statesman to rotation retired the work successful 22 countries and volition proceed to invitation caller users to effort it. Players conscionable request a Bluetooth oregon USB controller for astir games, though interaction controls are disposable for immoderate of them.