Microsoft's latest MacBook Air competitor lets you pick between Intel or AMD

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4


Microsoft connected Tuesday announced the Surface Laptop 4, a laptop that competes astir intimately with Apple's MacBook Air. This year, customers tin take betwixt Intel oregon AMD processors crossed 2 sizes, either a 13.5-inch laptop oregon a 15-inch model.

It shows Microsoft is taking a antithetic way to its devices than Apple, which has ditched utilizing processors from Intel successful its caller computers and is present offering its ain in-house chips. But it besides shows that Intel continues to conflict wherever it erstwhile dominated. Intel chips utilized to beryllium the default processor successful astir notebook computers, for example, but companies crossed the committee proceed to connection AMD options that tin sometimes battalion amended show for the price. Last year, Microsoft lone offered the prime connected its larger 15-inch laptops.

The Surface Laptop 4 is akin to its predecessor, the Surface Laptop 3. But Microsoft is promising up to 19 hours of artillery life, arsenic opposed to 11.5 hours successful the earlier model, and up to a 70% show bump.

The Surface Pro 4 includes Dolby Atmos enactment for improved dependable and a caller 32GB representation option. Microsoft opted for a 720p webcam, however, which is the aforesaid you'll find connected a MacBook Air. It's not a crisp arsenic you mightiness get from a standalone webcam oregon the camera connected your smartphone. You besides get a fewer things you don't get connected MacBooks, similar a full-size USB larboard and a touchscreen display.

Microsoft wasn't precise wide connected however consumers volition cognize to prime betwixt the AMD oregon Intel models. But it said the AMD models volition connection amended gaming show and volition beryllium much appealing for radical moving with photograph and video bundle fixed the boosted graphics. Part of that determination volition beryllium made for you depending connected however overmuch you privation to spend. The entry-level exemplary lone comes with an AMD chip, for example.

The 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 4 ranges successful terms from $999 for the entry-level 13.5-inch exemplary with an AMD Ryzen spot and 256GB of retention to $2,299 with an Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB of storage. The 15-inch exemplary starts astatine $1,299 with an AMD Ryzen processor and costs up to $2,399 with an Intel Core i7 chip.

The Surface Laptop 4 is disposable successful the U.S., Canada and Japan and volition vessel opening April 15. It volition motorboat successful different markets successful the coming weeks.