Microsoft is developing new hardware to bring its 'Netflix for games' service to TVs

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A gamer plays shot rubric Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 connected an Xbox console.

Sezgin Pancar | Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Microsoft is processing dedicated streaming hardware that radical volition beryllium capable to hook up to their TVs to usage its Netflix-like unreality gaming service.

The institution is betting the aboriginal of video games volition beryllium a subscription-based exemplary wherever radical wage a definite magnitude of wealth each period to get entree to a plethora of titles.

Its Xbox Game Pass work does precisely that, offering entree to a room of games developed some in-house and by third-party studios.

That's mostly integer downloads, but past twelvemonth streaming was added with Microsoft publicly releasing Xbox Cloud Gaming. The diagnostic is benignant of similar a "Netflix for games," allowing gamers to play games that are hosted connected distant servers and past streamed to users implicit the internet.

A fig of different companies person launched akin game-streaming services, including Google with Stadia and Amazon with Luna.

Now, Microsoft is aiming to propulsion its unreality gaming merchandise to different platforms. It started rolling retired Xbox Cloud Gaming to immoderate users via a web browser connected iPhones, iPads and PCs successful April (Microsoft couldn't motorboat a due mobile app for unreality gaming connected Apple devices owed to a dispute implicit App Store policies). And connected Thursday, the institution announced it wants to grow the work to TVs arsenic well.

One mode it plans to bash that is by partnering with manufacturers to adhd unreality gaming to astute TVs. But Microsoft is besides processing streaming devices which users tin plug into their TV oregon machine show to watercourse games from the cloud. The institution didn't elaborate connected what those devices could look like, though it's reminiscent of Amazon's Fire TV and Google's Chromecast dongles, some of which present enactment unreality gaming.

In addition, Microsoft says it is moving with mobile carriers similar Telstra successful Australia to connection caller Xbox subscription models. It's besides expanding unreality gaming to 4 caller countries — Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan —  aboriginal this year, and aims to publically motorboat the browser-based mentation of the bundle to each members of its $15-a-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription successful the coming weeks.

Microsoft said it plans to adhd unreality gaming to its caller Xbox Series X console, which launched past November to vie with Sony's PlayStation 5. In the adjacent fewer weeks, the institution volition besides upgrade the servers that powerfulness its unreality gaming work from its aged Xbox One hardware to the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft competes aggressively with Sony erstwhile it comes to gaming. But it's taking a different strategy to its Japanese counterpart. While Sony is known for blockbuster exclusives that tin lone beryllium played connected a PlayStation console, Microsoft is focusing connected embedding its Xbox services onto aggregate platforms, including mobile and PC.

Microsoft has been stepping up its investments successful gaming, buying the iconic workplace Bethesda for $7.5 cardinal successful its biggest video game-related acquisition yet.

The institution is holding a associated lawsuit with Bethesda connected Sunday arsenic portion of the E3 gaming league to amusement disconnected caller games, with fans speculating they volition uncover immoderate details astir a hotly-anticipated sci-fi crippled called Starfield.