Meghan won't attend Prince Philip's funeral service, Harry will: Palace

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The ceremonial work for Prince Philip, the hubby of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, volition beryllium held connected April 17, Buckingham Palace said connected Saturday, adding that their grandson Prince Harry would attend.

Long-established plans for his ceremonial person had to beryllium redrawn and scaled down due to the fact that of Covid-19 restrictions, but Buckingham Palace said they remained precise overmuch successful enactment with Philip's wishes.

Philip, known arsenic the Duke of Edinburgh and astatine his wife's broadside passim her 69-year reign, died connected Friday astatine Windsor Castle aged 99.

He volition beryllium fixed a ceremonial royal funeral, not a authorities funeral, with nary nationalist processions, held wholly wrong the grounds of Windsor Castle and constricted to 30 mourners.

"The juncture volition inactive observe and recognise the Duke's beingness and his much than 70 years of work to the queen, the UK and the Commonwealth," a palace spokesperson said.

The ceremonial volition beryllium held astatine the castle's St George's Chapel and volition beryllium preceded by a minute's soundlessness crossed the country.

Exact details of who volition attending were not released, but among those contiguous volition beryllium Prince Harry, whose explosive interrogation with Oprah Winfrey alongside woman Meghan past period plunged the royal household into its top situation successful decades. Meghan, who is large with their 2nd child, volition not be connected doctor's advice, the palace said.

During the interview, Meghan said her pleas for assistance portion she felt suicidal were ignored and that 1 unnamed subordinate of the household had asked however acheronian their unborn child's tegument mightiness be.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, besides bemoaned his family's absorption to the couple's determination to measurement backmost from authoritative duties and determination to Los Angeles.

"The Duke of Sussex is readying to attend," the palace spokesperson said. "The Duchess of Sussex has been advised by her doc not to travel. So the Duke volition beryllium attending."

Buckingham Palace stressed the work would beryllium held successful enactment with authorities coronavirus guidelines, meaning members of the royal household including the queen would beryllium expected to deterioration a mask.


Tributes person flooded successful from crossed Britain and from satellite leaders for Philip, who was a pillar of spot for the queen. At 94, she is the world's oldest and longest-reigning surviving monarch.

The equipped forces marked Philip's passing astatine noon (1100 GMT) connected Saturday with a Death Gun Salute. Artillery units successful London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Gibraltar, and immoderate navy warships, fired their guns.

The royal household asked the nationalist to heed societal distancing rules and debar visits to its residences, but radical inactive laid cards and bouquets extracurricular Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

"It's not thing I've ever done before," said Joanna Reesby, 60, who came to wage her respects astatine Buckingham Palace. "I brought yellowish roses for relationship due to the fact that I deliberation that's what helium exhibited to everyone who came into his world."

The queen has mislaid her closest confidante, the 1 idiosyncratic she could spot and who was escaped to talk his caput to her. They had been joined for 73 years and Philip would person turned 100 successful June.

Asked however the queen was coping, the palace spokesperson said: "It's a household successful mourning".

Members of the household person been visiting the grieving monarch astatine Windsor Castle.

"The queen has been amazing," said a tearful Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, arsenic she near with her hubby Prince Edward, the youngest lad of Elizabeth and Philip.

On its authoritative Twitter feed, the royal household enactment up a tribute paid by the queen to her hubby connected their 50th wedding day successful 1997.

"He has, rather simply, been my spot and enactment each these years, and I, and his full family, and this and galore different countries, beryllium him a indebtedness greater than helium would ever claim, oregon we shall ever know," she said.

Flags astatine Buckingham Palace and astatine authorities buildings crossed Britain were lowered to half-mast and billboard operators replaced adverts with a photograph and tribute to the prince.

A Greek prince, Philip joined Elizabeth successful 1947 and broke the quality of her father's decease 5 years aboriginal portion they were visiting Kenya, meaning that she was queen astatine the property of 25.

He went connected to play a cardinal relation helping the monarchy accommodate to a changing satellite successful the post-World War Two period, and besides to enactment the queen arsenic the monarchy faced galore crises implicit the years. He yet stepped backmost from nationalist duties successful 2017.

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